Cannot change resolution
Hey, kids and people. I didn't want to try and derail the GSdx thread by cramming my question in there, so hopefully this is an okay place to ask.

I can't change resolution in PCSX2 under any circumstances. No matter what I do, it's locked into 640x488. I'm running on an Intel Core i7-2600K CPU, so I figured I'd use the SSE4.1 version of GSdx. Moreover, since I've got two Crossfired AMD Radeon HD 6900s running under 64-bit Windows 7, I decided to use the Direct3D11 renderer. It runs smoothly and renders fine, but... no matter what I change in the plugin settings, it stays at 640x488. Choosing a scaling option does nothing, and inputting a custom resolution does nothing. For lack of an alternative, I've been switching between SSE2, SSSE3, SSE4.1, Direct3D9, Direct3D11, and every combination thereof. Under no circumstances does the resolution ever change.

Am I just totally ignorant? Is there something big and obvious I'm missing, or do I have some sort of bizarre problem? Any help would be appreciated.

EDIT: Something else I've discovered while trying to get all my directories in the right place: my C: drive is my system drive. If I can help it, I don't want any files there aside of what Windows needs to run, so I relocate everything to D:, my storage drive. In attempting to get my bios folder and memcards and snaps and savestates etc. to save to somewhere on the D: drive, I've discovered that PCSX2 will NOT save these settings! This is extremely irritating on its own, but I'm wondering if it's related to my GSdx settings somehow not taking.

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If you ignore the resolution displayed at window's title, set to custom 256x256 resolution, and then set to custom 1024x1024, does it look the same?
It's not locked.
The displayed "640x488" in the title bar is the native resolution of the game.
If you set it to 1024x1024 or higher, it will still show 640x488, but it will rendered in a higher resolution and the edges become sharper.
Some games don't like higher resolutions when they use effects or post processing overlays which are hardcoded for the native resolution.
They're either blurry or glitched.

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oh no



Well, durr-hey. Guess I expected window size/reported resolution to change, but yeah, there's a visible difference if I bring the custom resolution way down. Guess it's working!

Hate to be a further burden on forumgoers who don't have pencil erasers where their brains should be, but does anyone know a fix for my directory woes?
You can create an empty file in your pcsx2 directory called "portable.ini" and all files/settings will be kept inside pcsx2 subfolders by default. Ew. download binary version which already has that file.
Holy crap, you guys have an answer for EVERYTHING. Works perfectly. Everything works!

You guys are all triple mega bonus awesome radical all day every day. Thanks for all the help!
Quote:No matter what I do, it's locked into 640x488.
You must have some problem with your eyes. A game @ 640x488 looks completely different to one @ 1024x1024. You cannot tell them apart? Blink

The only game whose resolution cannot be changed is, as far as I know, Metal Slug Althology. Whatever res is set, it still looks like the original Neo-Geo version.
He already noticed that.

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