Celsius - FFX-2 Save game editor
FFX-2 Save game editor, written in C# using VCSExpress 2010. Uses the .Net Framework 2.0. Includes full source code.

F1 for Help/About, F2 for Properties, F5 for Refresh, F6 for Save.

Tested on (PAL) (UK) (SLES_518.15) (9AAC5309). For other versions follow instructions in Help/About.

Supports :

European format (0x16270 size), Japanese format (0xBB30 size), North American format (0xD428 size).

PCSX2 In-Memory, PCSX2 Memory Card, PSU File, Raw file containers.

Credits :
- psem07 : SLPS-25250 Offset Testing, Japanese Translations
- hypernova : SLUS-20672 Offset Testing

Download latest version here.


Current Release - Celsius-
1. Tweeks for fonts for Win8.
2. Fixed compatibility issue on WinXP.

Previous Release - Celsius-
1. Added support for SLUS-20672 Offsets (0xD428 save size) - Select 'American' for PsuUserOption.Type to use.
2. PsuUserOptions Length & Offset automatically set when Type is changed.
3. FIX Ability panel Slot ID being displayed as zeros.
4. Added support for RAW file format - Select 'Leblanc' for PsuIO.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=30252]

Previous Release - Celsius-
1. Added support for SLPS-25250 Offsets (0xBB30 save size) - Select 'Japanese' for PsuUserOption.Type to use.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=29749]

Previous Release - Celsius-
This is a usability release, no new game editing features have been added.
1. Added CRC calculation support (CRC Bypass no longer used).
2. Removed Clasco from build.
3. Added 'Any CPU' Target (default target, x86 and x64 builds no longer supplied in distribution).
4. Added 'Explorer' themed ListView support.
5. Added sorting support to Logging Panel.
6. Added sorting support to Slot Select dialog.
7. Added icon support to Slot Select dialog.
8. Added alternate view support to Slot Select dialog.
9. Added configuration options for Memory editing.
10. Condensed user configured options under PsuUserOptions.
11. Modified descriptive text extraction code.
12. Updated Celsius Icon with a glossier look.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=29484]

Prevous Release - Celsius-
1. Added direct PCSX2 memory editing (PsuIO option Yaibal).
2. Updated Icon.
3. FIX Memory Card file not released properly if Cancel/Escape from Slot Select dialog.
4. Added description text to PsuIO option in Properties.

Configuration Changes
1. Press <F2> to open Properties.
2. Select 'Celsius' from the drop-down list.
3. Select Yaibal' for 'PsuIO' to edit PCSX2 Memory .
4. Press <Esc> to close Properties.

Click 'Open' to select a PCSX2 process.

[The list of processes is filtered by 'pcsx', if you have renamed the PCSX2 executable it will not be recognised unless it contains the filter.]

Press <F5> to refresh the displayed values.

Recommended : Save your game at a Save Sphere before making any changes.

Click 'Save' to inject any changes you have made, open & close the in-game menu, hit the Save Sphere.

Previous Release - Celsius-
1. Added PCSX2 Memory Card Support. (Edit Card directly, Mymc.exe no longer required.)
2. FIX Incorrect Flag Mask in Tower editor.
3. FIX Incorrect Level displayed in General stats page.
4. Display Description from 'Icon.sys' instead of Slot ID.

Configuration Changes
1. Press <F2> to open Properties.
2. Select 'Celsius' from the drop-down list.
3. Select 'Moroda' for 'PsuIO' to edit Memory Cards (.ps2)
4. Select 'Elma' for 'PsuIO' to edit PSU Files (.psu)
5. Press <Esc> to close Properties.


[Image: attachment.php?aid=29234]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=29235]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=29236]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=29237]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=29238]
Previous Release - Celsius-
1. Added Thunder Plains Tower panel to General page.
2. Added native .Net file IO support. (Clasco.dll & VC Runtime no longer required.)
3. Removed Debug specific configuration. (Debug binaries no longer supplied in distribution.)
4. Configuration for other versions via Properties window, and saved for future use.
5. Source refactored.

Other Version Configuration
1. Press <F2> to open Properties.
2. Select 'Celsius' from the drop-down list.
3. Select 'User' for 'PsuTarget'.
4. Enter your version specific prefix in 'PsuUserPrefix'
5. Press <Enter>.
6. Press <Esc> to close Properties.

'PsuIO' option in the same section as above : 'Elma' for Native .Net (default), 'Clasco' to use Clasco.dll.

Initial Release - Celsius.7z
1. Requires .Net Runtime 2
2. Requires Visual C Runtime 10

If you don't have VCExpress installed, you will require the VC Runtime to be installed. Download from Microsoft here -
x86 : http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/de...BF0912DB84
x64 : http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/de...50143D5867
(Additionally - if you wish to run the Debug executable, overwrite Clasco.dll in the Debug directory with Clasco.dll from the Release directory)
Celsius.7z: MD5 - 93E30E39FB8FD8A4E34F08636EC47684
Celsius- MD5 - 7AF450C16D7BCCB457390079D1EE843C
Celsius- MD5 - 9B27DB5B66D0D2154E2486DA42B52A2B
Celsius- MD5 - 5302AD20BFD1D87EE11AC9E74E1B479A
Celsius- MD5 - BC4A39D8819C9D26A9BD70C99A16177B
Celsius- MD5 - 539FC818CFF834B0BCFCA723EA0D04B0
Celsius- MD5 - 647B89F2D972ECBF1A917FFE68BD6367
Celsius- MD5 - 2D1B67151D9224EA9FE15306A4DB0B14

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

.7z   Celsius.7z (Size: 872,35 KB / Downloads: 2.806)
.7z   Celsius- (Size: 808,06 KB / Downloads: 1.076)
.7z   Celsius- (Size: 834,08 KB / Downloads: 837)
.7z   Celsius- (Size: 853,44 KB / Downloads: 912)
.7z   Celsius- (Size: 1,15 MB / Downloads: 1.001)
.7z   Celsius- (Size: 1,15 MB / Downloads: 1.317)
.7z   Celsius- (Size: 1,16 MB / Downloads: 3.461)
.7z   Celsius- (Size: 1,04 MB / Downloads: 27.169)

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Can it be used it FFX?
(06-05-2011, 02:48 AM)ArpittheFFXfan Wrote: Can it be used it FFX?

No, but there is already a FFX save editor.


how to use this program?
for me, it is to complicated.
how to edit my save files?
what are the steps? please.
teach me. =)) tnx!
I was wondering how to modify North America files, because I can't seem to do it.
Open the Memory Card with mymc.exe, on the left side of the list is the name of the save (see attachment 1).

Use the executable in bin\Win32\Debug (or bin\Win64\Debug). In the bottom left text box, replace "BESLES-51815FF101" with what is displayed in mymc (you can exclude the last three characters). (see attachment 2). Click "Logging", click "Clear".

Export the save file from mymc, then open in Celsius. Scroll to the top of the logging list, should see a green line in the log with a size of 0x16270 (see attachment 3). Check the log for orange/red entries and verify that what is displayed in the editor is the same as in-game.

I do not own or have access to any version other than PAL UK, so cannot guarantee that the offsets used are consistant accross versions. If you can verify that the editor works correctly with your version please post details and I will add support for it.


I'm not much of a programmer, but I did save the Logging info for the file I tried to edit.

I'll also add the the Raw Save file for your use, if you wish. I could send it buy email or something....

Attached Files
.txt   Celsius.txt (Size: 12,41 KB / Downloads: 1.655)
It looks like you are out of luck.

The save sizes are significantly different, 53k for your version (0xD428), 88k for mine (0x16270). The structure looks to be completely different.

Recalculating all the offsets for your version would require access to a US version of the game and a US Bios, which I don't have. Access to raw saves would not be sufficient.
i keep on getting error cannot find clasko.dll when opening psu even though clasko.dll is right there
This message is generated if Clasco.dll can not be loaded, it means you don't have the VC Runtime installed.

See first post for where you can install it from.

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