Changing the thumbstick tilt zones...
Is it possible to configure the different thumbstick zones?
ie. in Metal Gear Solid 3, snake has 3 running speeds - 2 different speeds on the left thumbstick, 1 sneaking speed on the dpad. On the left thumbstick I find the "centre zone" too big (ie, the walk speed changes to sudden. I only have a small margin of tilt before Snake starts running. Is there any PCSX2 setting that can change the "angle" or "velocity" or "deadzone" of the thumbstick? ie. so I have more room/margin of tilt to make Snake walk speed... before he is in run speed at full tilt on thumbstick.

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That's the beginning of your thumb stick dying
When you configure your left thumbstick in LilyPad,click on the direction you want and configure the settings the way you want

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