Cheat codes not working Persona 3 FES
Hello, I'm trying to use some codes to get an item in Persona 3 FES for a really annoying quest... well, going kinda off topic.
Anyways I copied the gameshark codes from this thread from Sephirion's comment (the code about every item in the pharmacy available for purchase):
posted it in Multi Converter after it detected my game (with the correct CRC), converted to PNACH file then saved it in the cheats folder in my PCSX2 folder.
Obviously it didnt work for me or else I wouldnt be posting this :/
So after a searching for a while, I also copied the "Enable Code" from this thread which I assumed might help the problem, and put it in the PNACH file:
Still not working. I was searching for a couple of hours but to no avail. Added the file if anyone could make sure I'm not messing it up or anything. If anyone could help me it would be very appreciated. Thanks very much!

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