Code merge completed
uh... you know...

1) let us work please?
2) we need to hear from gabest too?


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Ha no worries I just thought it was a little odd. Keep up the good work you've made amazing progress as far as the last few weeks.
New code still isn't working for me but I will not give up and keep trying to compile
Compiled fine for me but I did have to transfer a few files into the folder like the gnu_gettext.dll
OK I found the problem compiling, as of R698 I can no longer compile PCSX2, I get 189 unresolved externals in was probably VU changes that did it.
It's the same with the new beta.
Odd are you trying to complie the linux or win32 build?
Win32 build. Actually I can't compile any pcsx2 now, I'm not really sure what the problem is. I tried different revisions and keep getting same errors. Maybe reinstalling VS2008 will solve the problem?
Possibly next idea would be reinstalling the SDKs
Do a new folder, fetch the latest sources from the new svn, open pcsx2_2008.sln, select release and hit rebuild..
Mh I keep getting those errors [Image: errorww7l.jpg]

It says that the file ends unexpected while searching for the precompiled header Wacko
well xD thats at least how I translate it Tongue

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