Codebreaker freezing after loading game
I'm trying to use Codebreaker v10 on 0.9.8 and I do everything I've seen on a video on youtube. Have Enable Cheats on, load codebreaker, load the codes, do start game, press ESC, load the iso for the game, click Swap Disc, click Resume, then continue. After I press X it just freezes and I see on the log

EE: Unrecognized op 1
EE: Unrecognized op e

In red. Anyone know why this is happening? I really want to use these codes as I've beaten this game so much it's starting to get boring. Should I just download 0.9.6 and use those .pnach files I keep hearing of?

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you can use .pnach files on 0.9.8
Oh you can? How easy is it?
"Enable Cheats" does load pnach file in new pcsx2 and have nothing to do with codebreaker directly. I don't use codebreaker myself, but heard it will run only orginal dvd, no backups, no isos etc. soo maybe that's your problem.

You can convert codebreaker codes to raw and use them in pnach file through. Use this program PCSX2CE which will make it pretty much automatically, and to convert the codes to raw, use Omniconverter, linked inside pcsx2ce thread first post.

Generally if the codes aren't raw already(some of codebreaker codes are raw already), you use Omniconverter which takes like 2s to select input to what codes you have and output always to standard raw/unencrypted. Then copy raw codes to Pcsx2CE, find your game crc in pcsx2 log after running the game, enter it's name, point cheats folder in pcsx2 and it'll even create the file for you by a click or two. As simple as that, at least as long as you can find the codes for your version of the game as pal will not work in ntsc nor the other way. Sometimes game was released with small changes later in same region and then it requires different codes too.
Thanks, and can someone tell me how to use the PCSX2CE? When I download it I get a .jar file and I have no idea how to use it

Edit: Also I used Omniconvert to convert a code I got from kh-vids and it didn't convert it at all. I kind of knew it was already a raw code but it starts with an F. I thought pnach couldn't do codes that start with F?

Edit2: Ah, ok got the PCSX2CE to work. How do you find your game CRC though?
Like I wrote, you can find Game CRC inside PCSX2 log window after running the game it would show as 0xNumber, you just copy that number without 0x to use with PCSX2CE.
Post the code/s you wish help with, starting from F it's unlikely to be raw.
If it's starting from F, 9 or something and it's stated it's raw it could be code enabler/master code, it usually isn't needed, but when it is, you'll need to format it manually to:

as PCSX2CE by a rule doesn't convert this codes(couse like I mentioned they usually aren't neededTongue, except in rare cases like Odin's Sphere codes and maybe some others).

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