Codebreaker not working
Hi,i don t know muck about emulators and other things related to them.I currently use pcsx2 0.9.8 and i have done all the proper configurations.The game i like plays very well and pretty fast.The problem is with codebreaker v10 i use.I saw in youtube videos how to use it,to get cheats in games.I loaded the codebreaker iso fine with pcsx2,it starts ok,but in the main menu i can t move left or right,to go to the cheats category...The only i can do is to press S,which i have assigned for X,to start playing the game.What can i do???

P.S.My keys configuration works ok,don t have problems in-game,only with codebreaker.

Thank you

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You should try configuring the Dpad as well as the left analog stick in Lilypad
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Thank you for the quick response.I ve already configured all buttons in Lilypad,tested them in-game,all work perfect.With codebreaker still nothing.Could it be a problem with the pcsx2???Because,i see on previous versions that there is a patches browser under Misc option,in mine(0.9.8) there s not....Anyway,bout my problem,if you think i should try something else,please tell me.Or,if there s a better working vversion of pcsx2 here in the site,please tell me.

Thank you
I think i found the problem.I had to configure the d-pad like you saidSmile.I hadn t do it,cause i configured the left analog stick keys,and when i tried to configure the d-pads i saw that the keys replaced the other ones.So,for now,problem solved!!!

Thank you
I rushed to say everything is ok...The codes don t work...I did everything i saw on videos,cheats are enabled,but no effect in the game...I m playing Drakan the ancient gates.

Thank you
Probably you have the PAL version of the game.
CodeBreaker have codes ONLY for NTSC(USA) games and if you want codes for other regions,you have to put the codes manually...which is actually real pain doing it on pcsx2.

BTW there is a cracked version of CodeBreaker but normally CodeBreaker work only with the original disk of the game(no image and no backup disk)
OK,now,in my situation,is there anything i can do???I really like that game,i played it many years ago.Now i remembered of it again,i d like to play it ''more easily''

Thank you
Use the pnach system of pcsx2
Can you please tell me what is that and how to do this???What programms will i need to do that???I think it has something to do with that ''can't open file 'cheats\04f9d87f.pnach' (error 2:...

Thank you
the message tells the cheats engine is enabled but you don't have the file for the game being played. the file name is the game's CRC, what mean you need to create a txt file with that bunch of hex digits for name; input the codes and rename the extension from .txt to .pnach

The codes follow the convention:
gametitle=Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht [SLUS 20469]

// lines with // are comments, the name above really does not matter much what is used
// Money Increase

that last line is the code itself, it is the same for each code pair. The code pair are those two 8 hex digits before and after the "extended" word.

You'll find codes on Internet for almost all games and may ask for specifics in a proper thread in this forum.

Beware the original codes may need to be converted to raw format before use, it can be done using utilities like omniconverter.

Finally is a common error source the file name appearing as xyz.pnach but indeed being xyz.pnach.txt, to avoid this issue make sure Windows Explorer is set to NOT hide extensions.

On Windows 7, open the Explorer, click "Organize" -> "Folder and search options"; go to the "View" tab and scroll until finding the option. Of course it mean it must be not ticked.

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