Compatibility list updates
The CL could use an overhaul.

1. some of the compatibility info is incorrect.
2. i can has compatibility for different emu versions?

Maybe you could switch to a community-review like system for determining the compatibility? You guys are working hard enough as it is, and i think lots of users would gladly help out in determining compatibility.

Also, having - let´s say - 3 columns for 3 different versions of the emu would be helpful as some games change compatibility and people could see easily which games are playable/tested on which versions.

Thanks alot for providing me with the possibility to finally play final fantasy 12!!!

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Good ideas, can you do it, please ? Wink

Seriously, it's impossible. New versions come out much too often, and the devs are more concentrated on it than on the CL.
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First, we can't test 2000 games from start to finish so obviously some entries will be wrong Tongue
Second, yes we have considered opening a public compatibility list for the public, but seeing as everyone has very different PCs and that most users don't even bother changing settings, it would end up way crappier than it is now.
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hmm how about.. a list of games
with a tiny poll system built in that will never close, this way you can for example see that 60% got it working, 20% has ingame bugs, and for some it just wont start

if lets say 80% gets it fully working its probably compatible
judging by these stats you can make a conclusion
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Yeah but uh a tiny poll for each one of the 2000 games is too much Tongue Plus, with the new betas being out each day, it might be broken today and fixed tomorrow...
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well see there is the usefull part, close it when a new version comes out

and add a button "see results of previous versions"
and just make a new poll again
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Some kind of "wiki" would be a nice option for the compatibility list, wouldn't you agree? People would be able to say the game worked and leave the machine specifications and emulator configuration and version.

Much like the screenshot thread, but organized by game, easier to follow.
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Still the main problem is not solved. Stupid users creating crap entries, because they're pissed their games don't work (while they do with proper settings). Anyway people are free to start a compatibility wiki. We already provide much more info and support than most (any?) other emulator out there and things like these are simply taking too much time to maintain.
I'd prefer all that time and energy was put to the actual emulator.
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I think it's pretty clear the reality of the idea, when you consider that anyone could have started their own wiki-based compat list somewhere, and yet no one's stepped up to the plate and done it.

Hosted mirrors of Official builds? Got lots of those.
3rd party builds of PCSX2? Got lots of those.
Copycat builds that change plugin names and default speedhacks? Got several of those too!

Mirrors of PCSX2 compat list, or independent wiki-based compatibility lists? None.

Either no one really cares as much as some folks like to think, or it's a pain to do. Wink
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well its mainly a pain to do on your own or even with a team since not everyone has 2000 games lol
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