Compiling 32bit PCSX2 from source on 64bit Linux?
The official PPA has not been updated in almost two years.

There is an unofficial? PPA but I don't really trust it, and even if I did, who knows when it will go the way of the official PPA?

For this reason I would like to compile PCSX2 from source.

This thread is very old, does not explain what needs to be done (at least not in the OP, and its 32 pages), and has broken links.  Is there currently a process to compile a 32bit PCSX2 on 64bit Linux?  (I am running Ubuntu 17.10)

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Hello Latreides.

Well the latest version in the official PPA is 1.4.0, The latest stable version, and was last updated 48 weeks ago, Only just under a year ago, Still keeping up to date with the official stable releases. That second PPA you linked to is the Linux Dev builds, Built straight from Git, So still Official for the most part. It's linked to from the PCSX2 homepage under "Linux Dev Builds".

Unfortunately I personally do not know of the exact process of compiling it on Ubuntu.
What you call official is mine. I used to keep up to date with latest stable (but we seriously need to made a new stable). Until then you can add the "unofficial", it is a daily build. I didn't do it myself (I can't do everything) but I help the guy to setup it.

I can help you on the build process but unfortunately it is quite complex. So for few build, I will suggest to fallback on PPA.

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