Controller Help!
I just started using PCSX2 and I got Kingdom hearts for it. But when I start up and plug in my controller I still cant control it. ofc I need configs I thought and I messed around with it putting direct input and stuff but noting worked,I tried a method from this thread but I got stuck when I tried running SCP Bluetooth Driver Installer because it said SCP Bluetooth Driver Installer [1/10/2014 8:44:07 PM]

Detected - Microsoft Windows 81 (6.2.9200.0 AMD64)
Could not find a valid configuration.
How can I get my controller to work ? please help I wanna play kingdom hearts thanks

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First of all, what kind of controller are you using?

Secondly, what plugin are you using?

Thirdly, are you running things as administrator?
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Thanks for asking, but I already figured it out,sorry to bother

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