Convert PCSX "mcd" save files to PCSX2's "ps2" format?
I am trying to convert my save files from a suikoden 2 save file in the MCD format (created by PCSX) into the PCSX2's ps2 format. My ultimate goal is to be able to import those save files in Suikoden 3 for PS2.

Any ideas? I looked at MyMC, but it doesn't seem to support MCD?

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Im so bad at this so im looking for help.
I had no problem playing suikoden 1 and using the save from that to load when starting suikoden 2.
now my problem is that I am starting suikoden 3 and want to load the suikoden 2 data (which was played on epsxe).
I have no idea where my save state is from the epsxe to even begin trying to load it into the pcsx2 emulator....
can anyone help please. Id even just be willing to accept someone elses save state from suikoden 2, just as long as they loaded from suikoden 1 with all 108 stars and got all 108 stars plus saved nanami in suikoden 2.
Any help would be appreciated but again, i am really bad with this stuff and dont understand most computer lingo
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