Couple of Noob Questions
Hello everyone,
I've been toying around with pcsx2 and got GT4 working perfectly - dream come true!

But I have a couple of quick questions:

1. When I run the game, my resolution shows as 640*448 even though I'm running at x3 scaling. Is this supposed to happen? What does 640*448 represent?

2. Is there any way to make separate pcsx2 profiles for different games? I've had to tweak my current setup considerably to get the most out of GT4, but I'm thinking that this config in particular won't work very well with other games. So is there an easy way to switch configs? Would cloning pcsx2 into separate folders accomplish this?

Thanks guys.

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1. That's only shows game native res and has nothing to do with upscalling, just ignore it.

2. Use this.

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