Couple of questions about Tales of the Abyss
1.How to remove the ghost effect while using above native resolution
Using skipdraw makes the game really dark
Using Alpha(Alpha Hack) removed the problem but another one appear(something like a grid of big squares)
Using Half-pixel Offset along with Alpha,fixes the above problem

And still I continue to see randomly things that are not supposed to be there and rarely ghosts too

I'm not using the latest beta but I'll try it later

2.I think someone mention some way to fix the stuttering in the world map while moving the camera(it's really bad...worse than on my PS2)

3.And finally,I have a little project.I'm not sure if I'll get help about this but,I'm trying to make a semi undubbed version(everything in English and add Japanese voices to the skits only(they are really boring when it's text only but I like the English voices better)).

I'm not 100% sure but I think the voices for the cut scenes are in TO7EV.CVM(which is archive with files inside),in that file there is a file called CHT.ASF and inside it there are tons of at3 files(which are not attrac audio for the psp)
In the English version,that file is around 1mb and in the Japanese version,it's around 300mb.
No matter what I try,I always endup with corrupted TO7EV.CVM and the game can't be loaded

The only thing I could achieve till now is:
Japanese voices everywhere except battle
English voices everywhere except battle and the skits of course(that's because the voices are in TO7BTL.CVM=>BTL.AFS)

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Hello Vsub, to fix the ghost effect (instead of removing it), you can use Ryudo updated GSDX builds!!! Link here -

I don't remember any stuttering occurring in the world map on my end, if you'd like me to, I can go ahead and try (I only have one save and it's completed).

No idea about the project, but I'd love to see if you can accomplish it, I agree that reading just text is a little boring! =)
I should mention that I managed to get it to look almost the same as the patched version with Skipdraw hack after fiddling with some Shadeboost settings now.
There are a few pros and cons for this.. It's up to people's personal preference with that.

+ You won't have the 1px border that shows up on the top and left side of the screen after using the patched GSdx.
+ It looks VERY VERY close to the patched version. There's only a few differences here and there.

- Intro movie looks super bright.
- Skits looks super bright as well.
- Cutscenes on the world map are ALSO super bright.

So yeah... 2 pros vs 3 cons. It's up to you. Personally I'd just deal with the 1px border for now. But if you're interested regardless, then I'll post the settings here.
The skipdraw method is mostly for the people that are truly bothered by the border appearing. But you'll get other side effects from that as shown in the cons list. Tongue
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(05-21-2015, 01:54 PM)Arcadius Wrote: I don't remember any stuttering occurring in the world map on my end, if you'd like me to, I can go ahead and try (I only have one save and it's completed).
The more things are visible the more notesable it will be.
For example go outside Baticul and hold will how it's not smooth at all(while you fly with the Albior,it 2 or 3 times's like you are constantly loading parts of the map and you are reading the image from really slow media))

The delay after battle while in the world map also seems too long.

Wasn't the version I'm talking about the one that allows you to increase the ps2 ee speed(the sliders that has 5 modes...I think Blyss was talking about this)
Aha, sorry about that, it's been two years since I last played and you're right, there is definitely some slight stutter when moving the camera around in the world map.

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