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Crash, no error in log :S
(12-18-2011, 07:25 PM)Bositman Wrote: Weird..I've finished Xenosaga 2 with an older version than these 0.9.9 SVNs *snip*

People have finished GoW on 0.9.5 I still can't complete it. I still get the white-screen freeze (Just a point that should be made, not always the program or the user)

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Several people have completed GoW and it is known to be fully playable. If you get problems with it it's surely your end Tongue
[Image: newsig.jpg]
it may be, but I used setting posted when I asked for them. and remember, 0.9.5 people were Completing it, it took me MUCH longer, despite matching the configurations. It could be hardware, that I won't rule out, but it's not always something the user can control.
I would be surprised if it were my hardware, I just bought a brand new computer. I'm wondering if it would be DS3 tool or something like that that isn't agreeing with the program?
OK, so I went to the event viewer, and this is what I found

The first one confuses me since I don't use cdvdgigaherz. I use linuz, but it's saying the error occurred in cdvdgigaherz_unloaded.dll.
the dll's are all enumerated at first start, so it is actually partially in memory during any pcsx2 operation.
You think getting rid of it would solve the issue?
I went ahead and tried anyways. Didn't work. now I'm getting errors in spu2-x-r4600.dll and aticfx32.dll
It's like a never ending cycle of failure...
Have u installed PCSX2 in Program Files?? If you're on Vista or Win7 don't install it there. There's a Permission bug with some programs if u install it there. Microsoft knows it, but they won't release a fix for it. If u have installed it in Program Files, make sure that u install it somewhere else, like C:\PCSX2 or My Documents or even on another partition Smile
I gave that a shot too, still crashes. same errors in event viewer also.

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