DMC1 speed issue
What's happening,forum?

I've just downloaded last PCSX2 version and tried to run Devil May Cry 1 & 2.
DMC2 works well,full speed,no issues,but DMC1 runs at like 40-50 % of the game's speed.Tried to reconfig,i've read some guides,but i can't run it at full speed.I thought you guys can help me.

My system configuration:

GeForce 260 GTX
Windows XP SP2 x64 edition
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6000+
2,00 Gb of RAM

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PCSX2 settings? Plugin settings? What do the EE/GS% in game window say when you get slowdowns?
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that game is just a mess of dependant on timing the emulation parts.

that's why you'll probably always get a 100EE read while in the graphics. sure?!

best settings for me so far are:

EE chop/none
micro chop/none
frame skipping off (cause it won't really speed it up or cause flickering polygons with VUsteal over 1x).
EEcycle x1 (everything else breaks audio sync at cutscenes)
VUsteal @1 or 2 (but 2 is shaking the interlace or bugging with frameskip)

VU minmax on gives +~5-10%
VU block hack does nothing

EE timing hack for a boost of ~5-10%

you can forget about the GS setup and performance. mines 25-60% @X2 native most of the time and my GPU and VRAM is more or less ***** for emulation.

overall running 55-75% speed on phenom II @2.1 (the big smaller brother of the athlon x2)

I think it won't get any faster than that. The rest depends on some Ghz and the actual architecture of your processor. and I'm pretty sure now it's a intel game there. cause they seem to run that sh!t faster.

more infos?
I wouldn't call an Athlon 64 x2 in any way a brother to Phenom II, it's true Athlon II is pretty much same to Phenom II at pcsx2 speed as they trully differ only by L3 cache, but Athlon 64 is pretty much 10-30% slower in most cases than Athlon II/Phenom II at least in pcsx2. Talked with a few people trying pcsx on athlons 64 and they were always much worser, soo probably it'll turn similar in 3ghz A64 as with that 2.1ghz PII on same settings ~ means not much of a chance for full speed.
Quote:is pretty much 10-30% slower
and the rest.
It's a demanding game that's all. Even with a 4ghz quad I get just 70fps in battles (no hacks). On my 2630 I get around 50fps after messing around with speedhacks. You're probably looking at 45fps best case scenario
i'm sorry,but i wasn't home.
So here is my PCSX config:
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as you already have the latest svn build. just check the mtvu hack. it might fix something speedwise as it's the fastest you'll probably get for that game and your system. if it's still not enough for you, your might want to buy a new computer.

and check that thread if you encounter the "hud bug" on higher resolutions. Wink

not much more I can help here.

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