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DS4 To XInput Wrapper
(01-04-2016, 05:37 PM)IceQuote Wrote: Hi InhexSTER,
I have downloaded and followed the tutorial shown in this Video:
But currently, I can not get it to work although I have followed every step.
I use a USB stick and I connected the controller with a generic micro USB cable.
Could you please help me resolve this issue?


I got it, it's all resolved!
I didn't press the share button... Tongue


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I can't delete my post... ?
whenever i move the left analog stick down, or move the right analog stick right, the controller vibrates, and dosn't do what i assigned it to do.
Please help me
Windows 8.1, dualshock 4
all were done on this intruction

Windows find controller as Wireless Controller, but the program not found the controller. I tried press button PS. PS+Share, change a usb-cable, change a usb port. With another programs I get same result.

I had a similar problem with DS3 and MotionJoy, I found a solution to the problem, but I can't remember how I fixed it.
(11-08-2013, 06:25 PM)InhexSTER Wrote: Hello guys, I am new here but I want to share a tool I made for Dualshock 4 controllers. I was inspired by the tool made by Scarlet.Crush for DS3.

My tool works in a similar fashion and is based on source code from DS3 Scp Tool.

I am no longer actively developing this, so check other forks of this for newer versions.

It works though without messing with the original drivers for DS4. Uses HID Protocol to XInput mapping. You still need to install drivers for SCP virtual bus device and possibly X360 Controller drivers.

[Image: FEvv8lq.png]

The whole project is in beta so please keep in mind there will be some bugs.

Make sure you have:

1. Microsoft .NET 4.0
2. Visual C 2010/2012 Runtime.
3. Latest DirectX Runtime.
4. Latest Official Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller Drivers available.
5. Minimum of Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR Dongle (if using Bluetooth).
6. Administrator rights on your PC.
7. Make sure you quit all other apps/games that can use the controller
(Steam/Uplay/TeamSpeak, etc) if you are using Hide DS4 controller option
8. Having MotionJoy drivers installed seem to cause issues for some people
9. This tool can't run at the same time as DS3 SCP server gui or service at this moment
10. Bluetooth Drivers from Microsoft or other driver that use Microsoft Bluetooth Stack

IF XinputTest shows everything correctly the problem is with the game!

Explanation on what HIDE DS4 CONTROLLER checkbox does:

Source code :

Next update:

Please when anyone asking for help provide this:

Connection type: USB/BT
Windows Version
DS4 Tool Version
Are you using Exclusive vs Shared mode ( is Hide DS4 Controller checkbox enabled)
Make sure if USB works first, only then try BT

The Dark Souls is quite buggy port from consoles. So don't expect it to work flawlessly.
Before starting Dark Souls make sure:
xinput*.dll is not present in your game folder (having X360ce will break things)
You have started the tool with Hide DS4 Controller on
In Devices and Printers from Control Panel (Game Controllers menu) make sure that X360 Controller is only one visible)
At this moment we do not support running DS3 and DS4 simultaneously, so make sure only DS4 is connected
The X360 Controller supports both Xinput and DirectInput so its up to game which one to use

I am 100% positive that everything works if you do everything correctly.
People asking about Dark Souls will be ignored or will receive a wearing.
As the topic was covered over few dozen posts

Direct Input Emulation:
There is a limited support of DirectInput in X360 Controller. No Vibration and triggers act different. Other option is to use of contoller without a tool and using in game settings to map buttons. Some games support it. Again no vibration as that's how DS4 DirectInput is defined.

There is no plans to add virtual DirectInput device at the moment. As it would requite reverse engineering another controller and emulating it on the virtual bus driver. At the moment I am relying on Scarlet.Crush's code to emulate X360 and he definitely knows more about it. But he doesn't support emulating DirectInput devices in his tool as well.

hey there 
uhm im struggling with the xinput thing 
when i use the programe it keeps jumping on and of 
fox example if i hold the R1 trigger it heeps jumping from no input to full input did i do somthing wrong?
could you help me or do you know what the problem is?
hey guys, tried everything and every step but it still doesn't work.
no ideas on how to fix it. Sad
it detects my controller as an audio input, dont know how to change it, any ideas?
i really want to play rocket league on my pc, but i have no clue how it could work T_T

thanks for help in advance Smile
Anyone tried DS4Windows? Is it good/bad?

My main concern is possible delay/input lag due to emulation and not native driver suport
Tengo un problema, activar las actualizaciones automáticas, luego instalar el programa. Pero cuando empiezo cualquier juego, detecta 2 controladores al mismo tiempo, y sonda ocultar el controlador DS4, pero sigue siendo el mismo. Que puedo hacer


- Windows 10 PRO (Última actualización)
- Conexión USB
- Control de ocultar (ON / OFF)

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Hello community

I´m having problems for the game PREY detect my ps4 remote with ds4, anyone having the same problem?

Thank you

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