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DS4Windows - J2K
So, why doesn't DS4Windows successfully start at boot on Windows 10?

It's in the startup tab. It's enabled. I use the same method to get my Gamecom 780 to work in W10, but it doesn't work with DS4Windows. I have to start it up manually every time. I'm also having an issue where certain programs "lose" the emulated X360 controller, and switch back to the wireless controller, quite randomly. The controller isn't losing connection or having latency issues, it's just that the games will swap to preferring the other controller.

I can't keep having my controller crap out in the middle of EX primals.

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My controller wont show up when I plug it in the USB. It might be because I installed some different drivers, but I don't know I need some help or some suggestions
(08-03-2015, 07:55 PM)Kei-chan Wrote: So, why doesn't DS4Windows successfully start at boot on Windows 10?
I had that problem when I did an upgrade install. Wasn't sure what caused it. Maybe it's a UAC issue or something. I did a clean install and problem never occurred again. Try running it as admin.

You could also probably try the 'Hide DS4' Fix batch file task scheduler thing in the previous posts. It includes DS4Windows running on startup and might fix your problem with the emulated xinput controller.

(08-03-2015, 11:12 PM)hiciege Wrote: My controller wont show up when I plug it in the USB. It might be because I installed some different drivers, but I don't know I need some help or some suggestions
Check device manager for "Scp Virtual Bus Driver" under 'System Devices'. If it's there, right click on it and uninstall it and tick 'delete driver software from this device'. Uninstall whatever other "different" driver you installed. Open DS4Windows settings and click the 'Controller/Driver Setup' Link and follow the steps to install the right drivers.

Anyway there's another workaround which involves using x360ce. Might be handy if you use your controller wired and don't want to deal with rebooting to get exclusive mode to work again. source:

Loving the program and all its features but I've encountered a problem. Sometimes my DS4 controller isnt being recognised as an Xbox360 controller. I check "Devices and Printers" and the xbox360 controller doesnt always show up, see image:

[Image: aQxR3iq.png]

Image shows when the controller does show up as a xbox360 pad, but when it doesnt show up and my DS4 is connected successfully, it doesn't work with any applications. Is there any way for my DS4 controller to always be converted into a 360 controller?

Hey all, I'm sure others here are trying to use this for Dark Souls 2, so maybe someone can help me out. Even when nothing is running, I try to tick "Hide DS4 Controller" and it says its being used so it can't.

However if I just run DrkSouls 2 with DS4Windows running all the buttons are mapped incorrectly, even though in the profile, it is fine.

Any help?
New fix for exclusive mode which doesn't require messing with Network List Service or making a batch file startup task. Credit mebrad on inputmapper forums for discovery:

1. Make sure DS4Windows is running and 'Hide DS4 Controller' option is enabled.
2. Kill the explorer.exe process.
3. Connect controller.
4. Run explorer.exe
5. Profit.

Use this batch file to make it easy:

@echo off
taskkill /IM explorer.exe /f
echo Press any key after connecting your controller.
start explorer.exe
If there's issues, 'Run as Admin' for both DS4Windows and the batch file.

use this fix I mentioned.
Remember when using the new fix to set network list service back to manual in services.msc and delete the scheduled task.
Hi, just started using DS4Windows (in W7) and I'm running into some problems:

* I can't connect to Bluetooth. I hold the PS button with share for 3+ seconds, the light never starts flashing. I've been using my ps3 controller with no hassles with scarlet crush's driver (which this seems to use), so any help would be appreciated. Dongle identifies in devices menu as CSR8510 A10.

* I can't seem to make a button "toggle". For e.g., I've made the R2 button input "X", and I've ticked the toggle button, but when I press R2 it merely seems to duplicate X. It isn't acting like the X button is being held down.

So yeah, help would be appreciated. Thanks
hey guys im hoping someone can help me im getting very frustrated!!
ds4 was working great on win 8.1 but now that i went to win 10 i cant get my controller to pair by bluetooth. it works fine if i plug it in with the usb cord but it wont even show up when searching for bluetooth devices. ive tried updating drivers n that didnt get me anywhere so any help would be great thanks!
Posting with results on mebrad's solution that Vanquo posted.  Make sure there are no "Wireless Controller"s lingering in the Devices window.  It didn't work for me initially because I had my DS4 linked over bluetooth.  That creates a lingering Controller that remains even when the controller is disconnected.  After that, using USB, it started up in exclusive mode just fine.  BT was slightly weirder for some reason.  This is what I did:

1. Make sure there are no Wireless Controllers in Devices
2. Open DS4W, check Hide
3. Kill explorer.exe
4. Connect USB, verify in DS4W window that no error appears
5. Disconnect USB, pair BT, verify in DS4W window that no error appears
6. Restore explorer.exe

I only did this once and if these exact steps don't work, you might have to fiddle a bit.  Explorer.exe needs to be dead when the system goes to create Wireless Controller is all I think it is.

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