DVD-ROM Problem
Hello Guys,

I Configured CDVD Plugin Settings To Play Games In My DVD-ROM Because ISO Images Took A Lot Of Memory From My HardDisk.I Did Everything Correct I Think As Emulator Shows On The Console Screen The Game's Name.But It Does Not Start.

Excuse Me If I Did Not Explained Properly , I'm Bad At English.

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I don't get it...
You mean you erased your Isos and you're trying to play from your original DVDs ?
How did you exactly configure your dvd plugin ?
some screenshots would help
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Here Some SS

Man , Your English Is Even Worse Than Mine How You Not Get It Laugh
I Said I Set The Pluging To Play From My DVD-ROM Rather Than ISOs.I Still Have ISOs But They Took A Lot Of Space.
ok. exactly what I said then...

how do those DVDs perform on your PS2, then ?
do they even boot ? They could be scratch.
moreover, keep in mind, you're likely to experience some performance drops when using physical DVDs instead of using ISOS.

(Yeah I know my english is quite bad too Tongue2)
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
Mobo : Asus PRIME B450-PLUS
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
RAM : 16 Go
I think hes saying he burned his ISOs to DVD, and not using original PS2 game disks. Not supported!
Did I Said Something Like I Burned ISOS To DVD.I Have The Original Games.I Made Isos Of Them To Have A Quick Access.But They Took Up A Lot Of Harddisk Space.So What I Asked Was I Have A Problem Trying To Play From Disks Rather Than Isos.Do You Get It ? I Think I Make It Clear Enough To Understand , Sorry For Bad English Laugh

Edit:My DVDs Are In Perfect Shape.They Boot On PS2 But Not On Emulator.
(02-01-2012, 11:35 PM)Straedom Wrote: I think hes saying he burned his ISOs to DVD, and not using original PS2 game disks. Not supported!

Stop witch hunting. Thats our job not yours. Besides the guy just said he prefers playing from the disc instead of iso cos he doesnt have the space.

To the op: What exactly do you get when you try and boot the game? Can we have screenshots of that (and the console window) also what game are you trying to play?
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misread I thought he said he burned his isos because they took up space. Can you burn iso to disk and play burned disk?
Unless your local law says opposite you can usually have one backup copy, doesn't matter if it's a disc image on your hdd or a copy on another disc.
In pcsx2 discs are worser than isos couse pc dvd drives different timing/spped. While ps2 dvd drive has low speed, but keeps it most of the time, pc drives are really fast, but spin down even faster while not being used, meaning it needs to spin up again when game will need to get more data and that creates a short freezes unless you get some software to change your drive settings, anyway dvd drive and discs itself are probably less durable than a hdd soo using hdd for continuous long play is always better one way or another.

To OP:
I guess you simply configured plugin, but forget to set a plugin as a game source that's why you get into the bios while trying to run the game;P. Get into CDVD menu and make sure "plugin" is selected(my bet you have "iso" selected there;P).
Sorry I Didn't Anserew Earlier.It Was Night Where I Living And I Was Sleeping Laugh

I Get A Screen Like That When I Try To Play Mortal Kombat Deception.Iso Is Working Perfect But Can't Ply From DVD.

I Guess I Set The Settings Correct Here Laugh


I Even Set The Correct Drive Latter Laugh


There Must Be An Easy Solution But I'm To Noob To See It I Guess Laugh

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