Dance Dance Revolution - arrows NOT in sync with music
Hello everyone,

I'm not sure why nobody else has posted this, at least from searching I cannot find anything, but:

What settings should I adjust to obtain In-Sync sound for ALL Dance Dance revolution games 100%?...(i've tried DDR extreme, DDR supernova, DDRMAX with same results)....for some reason, either the arrows move too fast for the game, or the arrows will not keep up with the song. I have FPS limited to 60 even (not sure if it should be 59.x or 60.x), and i've tried ZeroSPU2 Real Time mode with no avail. The sound may be in sync, but incredibly scratchy with a 5ms delay in responose most of the there any way to use SPU2-x plugin...and if there is the "PERFECT" sound setting, what would that be?

(believe me, I have the specs to run the game full speed Wink )

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You never mentioned though, do you get full speed constantly?
You should start by using SPU2-X. Then check which of the 2 has the least latency for you Xaudio2 or Dsound. Usually Xaudio2 has lower latency in Vista/Win 7. Then you can try reducing the latency slider in the configuration of SPU2-X, obviously lower is better but after one point it can and will cause pops and cracks, so experiment with that too.
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Yeah, I get 60fps all the time. My pc specs are:

BFG GTX 260 gfx
2 gigs of ram
running from iso
windows 7 32 bit
Quad core qx6800 2.93 ghz (OC'd to 3.35 ghz)

It seems to run at a constant 60 FPS even, of course, variating from 59.8 to 60.4 due to the frame limiter technology itself in pcsx2. So you are saying, that decreasing the latency will resolve this? Which slider should I be decreasing in SPU-2x?

I really appreciate your awesome help Wink
The latency one Tongue Yes latency is exactly that, the delay audio will have as opposed to video, so less is better
[Image: newsig.jpg]
you're freaking awesome! I'll try it out tonight and followup here if it works Wink


I've tried the method above, and it doesn't work. To be exact, it seems like the game PROPERLY runs at 59.4 fps when you START the song (arrows are in sync with music), but eventually it seems like the arrows become OFF the music is normal, but the arrows themselves are slowing down decimal frame..eventually by the end of the song, the arrows are off from the music by 1 second, which if you're using the mat, can become VERY frustrating. Oddly, the game ALWAYS shows that it is running at 59.4 fps constant, so I am unsure this origin..

Based on this, does ANYONE know what the BEST and Most ULTIMATE accurate setting there is to apply to Dance Dance Revolution Extreme, Supernova, and MAX (GPU/SPU/ EE hacks, which I currently have disabled atm)??

Here's my settings:

using 0.97.3876

gsxd 3693 SSE3 with DX 11 enabled, everything native
ZeroSPU2 3567 with realtime mode on only

I've tried this game on EVERY build INCLUDING the unoffical/OFFICAL builds, with the same result, so I know it must be a specific setting I must choose, or the game just isn't optimized for pcsx2 or vice versa..
"ZeroSPU2 3567 with realtime mode on only"
^ Your problem. Use SPU2-X with timestretching as mixing mode.
Set the latency to around 100ms and try with X-Audio2 output first.
(If that fails, try Dsound output.)

Also make sure to disable all speedhacks (except maybe the recommended ones).
Okay, I will definitely try that arrangement tonight and update to see if it works!

Another odd issue, is that when you start a few songs in DDR supernova, the host will say "FIRST STAGE", but then...the word "STAGE", will echo over and over again for eternity not allowing you to play the song lol.

Could be that same plugin--anyway i'm ranting on..i'll try it out tonight!
Man...I tried your technique above, and it looks like although xaudio is indeed better compatible in terms of MUCH less delay, the arrows are still not in sync with the should I put this..

Okay, like in training mode, the song will begin, I am happy and PUMPED!!! Here comes the beat of the song first, then 3 frames later, you see the arrow cross over the highlighed spot you're supposed to press, like it's off (song is faster than frames/arrows itself, becoming worse overtime despite framerate being constant at 59.4fps. There's even an option to have a clap sequence for newbies, and the claps are supposed to signal you to HIT the arrow in compliance with the song...sadly, being that the CLAP represents the arrows themselves, it is also late with the song itself (like song is faster, or arrows are slower). I just wish I could give the iso to one of the devs, ripped from my actual game for better performance and HD features, so they can try it out and see exactly what I mean Sad
Games that need precision are much better to play on your PS2, there's a lot of limitations from the windows side when latency is involved. That said I've tried a couple DDR games and they seem fine in default settings.

Quote:I just wish I could give the iso to one of the devs

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