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Dark cloud 2 question
Hey staff and everyone

I just have a quick question to ask

will dark cloud 2 work on my windows 8 HP Laptop at all


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Your system specs would help greatly. Lol.
[Image: jmt41l-2.png]
SSD: 250GB | HDD: 2TB | GPU: MSI GTX 970 4G Gaming
For the "will dark cloud 2 work" part of your question,yes it will work but how depends on your laptop specs
You really need to provide specs when asking questions like this, makes it easier for us to help Smile
-PC Specs-
Intel i5 3570k 3.8Ghz
8gb DDR3 Kingston Hyper X 1600Mhz
MSI GTX 770 2gb OC Gaming Edition @ 1100Mhz
LG Full HD LED 32" Display
Windows 10 Pro x64 

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