Dead Or Alive 2 Hardcore - InGame?
Good day everyone. I Decided try to run the game Dead or Alive 2 Hardcore NTSC-J region, SLPS_250.26; 1, but unfortunately nothing happened, tried interpreter mode with enabled EE Cache, the emulator shows just a black screen, FPS is kept at 3-4. If you use recompiler, the emulator closes with an error (not surprisingly) Use revision 4310. All the same, is there any way to run the game, or this one I did not get?
I don`t speak english. I use google translation.

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try with latest public beta instead. SVn versions aren't supported.
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We don't support SVN revisions, the rules state this. However if you are trying it, you will have to give the interpreter a while to work as it is so slow. If it doesnt boot within 10-20 mins, your version probably wont work. So far we only know one version which boots, i believe there is another issue at hand too. Im afraid i cannot help anymore than that.

Jesalvein: DoA2 wont work on any previous, it requires EE Cache, which i only put in recently.
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