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Delayed sound during cutscenes - Tekken 5
Rama, I didn't broke my game. The fights work at full speed, so why shouldn't I use it? The only problem is that now I have to choose, if I want to have full speed fights with too fast menu and movies with delayed sound, or slow fights with normal menu and movies. Maybe the fights are not VERY slow then, I'm getting 32 fps then, but I prefer full speed. Bositman, yes, my computer can pull a full speed of movies and menu without speedhacks, when the fps limit for pal is set to 50, but the fights are too slow then. The slow motion function doesn't work for me - Shift+Tab changes between Normal and None limiter and Tab changes to Turbo mode. I can't see any difference between Normal and None limiter, even if I set Base Framerate to 100% and Slow Motion to 1% there is not any difference. Only Turbo mode can increase or decrease the fps limit. I think that Turbo is not designed to be used as slow motion, that's why the movies still have delayed sound when I'm using it. Changing the values in the sound plugin doesn't help.

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It's strange - when I'm limitting Pal fps to 50, base framerate to 100% and turbo to 1000%, I can change the modes by pressing F4, the fights work in good speed, but there's some huge slowdowns in random moments during the fight, also on some arenas it's too slow. When I'm limitting fps limit to 150 and base framerate to 1000%, the fights work at full speed without any slowdowns. Why I can't get the full speed in turbo mode, if I can get it by increasing the fps limit? It would solve my problem.

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