Difference between analogue stick and keys/buttons?
I know that the analogue stick is different from the four arrow keys on the keyboard. Using the stick you can move to any direction you want, but you can only move a 45 degree corner using the arrows key, or any other keys you bind to the analogue. Further more, the analogue is sensitive, meaning that when pushing it soft (make the character walk) is not the same as pushing it hard (make the character run). On the key/button side, it is either pressed or not pressed.

Many games require the player to rotate the analogue stick in certain scenes, so I did a test today to see if the keyboard keys can actually be used to emulate the analogue stick. I tested Lulu overdrive in Final Fantasy X because I could see how many circle I rotated.

Of course I could not rotate my... keyboard, so to make it fair, I used my DualShock 2 and Xpadder to bind the right analogue stick to the 4 keys O, K, L, and ;. The results are:
  1. Bind the DualShock 2 analog stick directly to that of LilyPad: 6 time spell casting in Lulu overdrive
  2. Bind the DualShock 2 analog stick to 4 keyboard keys using Xpadder, and bind those keys to LilyPad analog: 6 time spell casting
  3. Bind the Nunchuk analog stick to 4 keyboards keys using GlovePIE, and bind those keys to LilyPad analog: 6 time spell casting
My question is why I get the same result? Wacko

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Well it could be of 2 things I guess, the game doesn't care aboutfull proper rotation and accepts less proper ones as well and soo it doesn't matter if it's done with pad or keyboard(dunno but I guess this could be the case in FFX as most popular games are less demanding for players on such details), or it's opposite and the game is oversensitive and needs a full proper circle(the older games from BT series are like that for example) which doesn't register on keyboard and if lilypad or it's default settings aren't perfect either at pad. :]

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