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I know this topic is a year old, but I thought in mention something about this game which I played it too on PCSX2.

In my case the only slowdown I had (I said had because the tweak mentioned here helped with that) was when on battle mode my digimon when in turn to attack, if that digimon had the command screen full of commands, the game would slowdown and then return to normal speed after selecting the action I want that digimon to do. Other than that the rest of the game played in full speed 59.90-60.00 FPS. If something when I used the speedhacks tweaks the only issue I had was the game's opening sequence's sound repeating (stuttering) a bit, but other than that I had no problems.

I think it doesn't has much to do with the PC completely, because my PC is a Core i5-3330 3 Ghz, 4 cores and 4 threads, with 4GB Ram and 2 GB video card (Ati Radeon R7 240) and it works great. I even get full speed on the PSP emulator (PPSSPP) even in full screen.

Also I checked the CPU usage while the game was on battle mode on the command screen that slows down the game and the CPU usage didn't went beyond 15%, at much 20% usage and the GPU usage wasn't much either. if it was the PC to blame, the cpu usage wouldn't be that low.

Something similar happened with the PSP emulator, some games like Digimon Adventure PSP on earlier versions had several slowdowns, but later they managed to fix them and the game played at full speed or on some old PCs had few to no slowdowns. I even played Digimon Adventure PSP on my old Pentium 4 almost at full speed on all areas, only having little slowdowns on certain parts which were mostly when too much characters were on screen on the talking parts but overall I played it quite fine.

Still, we also have to remember that PCSX2 is still on development, not to mention that sometimes it crashes (I have the problem that I can't use the opengl mode of the GSdx plug-in because on loading the game it crashes the emulator.

I was seeing the specs of MI-Paradox and his CPU isn't that weak, it has 4 cores and 8 thread meaning it has hyperthreading, and has 8 GB Ram. I don't know how much memory has his graphics card but must be at least 1 GB video memory since I see it is a Laptop what he uses (my PC is a Desktop one), yet I don't see it a bit weak for gaming. True maybe some games won't run on it, but I think it has enough power to run PCSX2.

Also it is obvious we don't gonna have a 100% good emulation. The Playstation 2 has a complex (at least in my opinion) hardware specifications, so emulate them correctly is quite the challenge.

I'm sorry if it was wrong to post this on a year old topic. If the post has to be deleted it's okay Smile

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