Direct X problem...
well i hav dwnloaded the instaler found in download section and i hve configured the emulator like in the tutorial... so when i try to start the emulator (pessing execute cddvd or run) the emulator gives me an error:
[Image: 78551539.jpg]

ok so i select "Yes" then i hve another mensage:
[Image: 80089098.jpg]
the page opens then i download and install the directx... and the error still anoying me...

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Did you run the updater? Because you have to run it not just download it....
Edit: And why the heck did you post this in the Mac port forum??
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do you mean windows updater or hve some updater for the emulator?

and just a question i will can run the emulator well with my config?
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He means, did you run the DirectX update, or did you you just download it and stare at it a bit, before attempting to re-open PCSX2?

Oh, and also, you should probably read the FAQ. Wink
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Every person who downloaded PCSX2 for the 1st time needs to update thier DirectX. So update it first.

Then about your specs... you can only play some 2D games. You can try some 3D but dont expect too much.
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sorry for the noob question but how i update it?
and i ll can play games like armored core ?
Umm in the first box that open didnt you press "Yes". It should open a window to the download center....
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All you have to do is run the updater you downloaded.
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yeah but is exactely what i do i download and run the updater but the error continues... =[
If your os is vista, try to run as administrator. But i think this is strange, do you download the latest directx in windows website?
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