Disable HUD/make sprites invisible?

This may be a weird question, but I'd like to make screenshots of some PS2 games without showing the HUD. In Dolphin Emulator I could replace the HUD textures with transpararent PNG's, but I found no such option here. Is there a way to replace a game's textures or to disable the rendering of sprites altogether?


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If you can modify the game itself, pretty easy with external programs like cheat engine, but it's mostly guessing and bothersome depending on game, search and look at some widescreen patching tutorials, it should mostly be same thing, just different goal.

If you lack skills to do it, you could try something else like for example using frameskip. Since interface in ps2 games usually isn't refreshed every frame, frameskipping can at times break the games in exactly way you would like ~ hiding the hud.

There's also third way, using skipdraw hack, but that one in gui is very limited and sooner deletes more graphics than just what you want, anything more with it requires a bit more knowledge about coding and gsdx itself, so not gonna bother explaining.
Thanks, I'll give those a shot!

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