Does region matter?
I live in Europe, with PAL, would I be able to play american games (NSTC) trough PCSX2?
Might be a stupid question, but it would be easier for me to buy a whole bunch of used games off of ebay and have them shipped.

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PCSX2 is region free,you can play any region games with it
Ok thanks.
Though u do need the proper BIOS Right?? Like USA Bios for NTSC games or doesn't that matter??
It doesn't matter
Nope doesnt matter which bios you use as I use the USA bios with Japanese games like Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+ just fine
the bios DOES matter in some cases when fullboot is used.
you'll find that you get dumped back to the system menu after the ps2 logo.

everyone should be using fast boot though......
Yeah that is to be expected. Full boot is like booting a PS2 so using a PAL bios with a NTSC game will trigger the region lock and return you to the BIOS.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Not every game does his however, Xenosaga and one of the Budakai (i tihnk 3)games do it.
FFX, Bully, etc, do not. You might never come across it, however if nothing has changed code wize since i heard about it last, Fast boot should be used to enable the automatic crc patches

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