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Dragon Quest VIII save editor
Used mymc to extract the save but your editor says the file is not compatible with the editor.

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Has anyone gotten this to work?
This editor only edits raw saves.
Isn't the mymc extracted file from the memcard a raw save?
Since a new batch of old PS2 games got in some local shops bargain bin (Oh my, I'm already tempted to play something else than only RPGs Smile )
that game is scheduled in my wish list and I'll try the editor.

For now and only speculatively I think the "raw" means one need to get that output from myMC, load it inside the Ps2save-builder and "extract" the actual savegame to edit, that is a file without extension, normally beginning with BSLUS, or BSLES... sometimes the name will be very like the original from myMC, so the "lack" of extension indicates which is the raw one.
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Got it to work. Didn't know I had to get another program. thx
This is what I did:
1.Start the game normally and save at the first save point
2.Restart the PS2 and start CodeBreaker
3.Enable the cheats for max money,all items(except the key items)and max stats on all characters.Start the game,load the save and save
4.Restart the PS2 and start uLauncELF and backup my save to PSU
5.Extract the raw save data with PS2 Save Builder and open the file with this editor
6.Remove all of the items(I saw that I don't need a lot of them)and added manually only those that I need
7.Save the changes and copy=>paste save file to the DQ8 folder into the memory card

When I tried to load the save I get "Failed to read adventure log."
Here's the save if you need to check something

Edit: I already cleared the game and I don't need this anymore but one thing I got to say about this game and editing the save...the game is REALLY picky about what values you will use.

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Alright guys. Once again, sorry for the late reply. I sometimes lose track of all the places I've posted this editor, but if you have a question for me you can always reach me via [email protected] I'll be sure to check there.

Right, the save problems...
First of all, if you're using PCSX2 in its current state (version 0.9.6), then you'll definitely need both MyMC and PS2 Save Builder to modify the files. Here are the links:

PS2 Save Builder (Downloads -> Misc tools)

Once you've got them downloaded and unpacked, do the following:

1. Load MyMC (mymc-gui.exe) and open your PCSX2 memory card file containing the Dragon Quest VIII save you want to modify. Eg. “C:\Program Files\Pcsx2\memcards\Mcd001.ps2”
2. Export the save into the MAX format using MyMC to somewhere on your computer, then close MyMC.
3. Load PS2 Save Builder and open the MAX save file that you just exported.
4. Extract the contents of this save (right-click contents -> Extract) to somewhere on your computer.
5. Load DQ8ED and open the save game data (likely the file titled "BESLES-53974dq8_0" or something similar).
6. Make your changes, return to the main menu and click Save, confirm. Then close DQ8ED.
7. Now you need to do the same process as before, but in reverse. Open up PS2 Save Builder again and create a new save by dragging and dropping the files you extracted and edited back into the program (should be 5 files). Remember also to enter the correct Root/ID. Again, it'll be something like "BESLES-53974dq8_0".
8. Once you've done this, go to File -> Save As... -> Save as a AR MAX V3 (.max) file, then close PS2 Save Builder.
9. Load MyMC back up and open the appropriate PCSX2 memory card file again. Once you've done this, delete the old save from the archive (File -> Delete), and import the new MAX file that you've just created with PS2 Save Builder.
10. Finally, load PCSX2, load Dragon Quest VIII, open your save and play the game!

Yeah, it's a long process, but I've done it plenty of times so I know it works. As for DQ8ED reporting it can't read the adventure log...okay, this will happen occasionally, but in my experience it's very rare. I'd say about 1/100 saves will fail. And when this happened, I was usually able to reopen the save in DQ8ED, make a couple more adjustments (change a stat here or there or add an item), rewrite the file (and the checksum of course) and it was back to normal. The reason this happens is not because of a problem with the editor (all of the stats and changes you can make have been checked and rechecked, and no errors are generated by modifying saves - if you undo changes you've made in DQ8ED and save it once again, the file will return to exactly the same state it was in originally) the reason this error happens is because I never completely figured out how the checksum works. Dragon Quest VIII doesn't rely on regular checksum algorithms such as CRC's. It has it's own custom coded one. In developing DQ8ED I was able to figure out a pattern and an exploit to the checksum which made the changes possible. It accounts for all the changes made by DQ8ED...just, not perfectly all of the time. There is something else going on which I haven't quite put my finger on yet. But's perfect. Wink Another thing to bear in mind is that you shouldn't really edit brand new saves from the very start of the game. This is because Dragon Quest VIII will revert some of the changes you've made at the beginning (as far as I'm aware). The best thing to do is play the opening 10 minutes and save in Farebury, then edit this file instead. I think it will produce more stable results.

Hope I've been some help. Once again, thanks for your interest and would be happy to hear your feedback. Smile
Also, vsub: I will look into the problem you had with this save. I'm not at my main computer at the moment so I can't do it now, but I will get onto it in a couple of weeks. I'm pretty sure I can create a functioning file with the same/similar changes you've made.
Checksum fixed in attached file.

Algorithm for calculating DQ8 Checksum.

UInt16 Hash = 0;

for(UInt16 Index = 0, Value; Index < 0xB9; Index++)
    Value = (UInt16) Data[(Index + 1) << 6];

    if (Value != 0xFF) Hash += Value;

return Hash;

Game isn't picky about what values you change if the Checksum is correct.

The editor does seem to have entered some questionable values. Max Exp should be 16777215 (99999999 in save), max for Abilities should be 100 (868 in save).

The 868 value looks like a 0x03 has been saved in the upper byte (3 * 256 + 100), possibly carried over from setting Stats to 999 (3 * 256 + 231). Not game breaking, but could be if occurring elsewhere within the save file.

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.7z   BASLUS-21207dq8_0.7z (Size: 508 bytes / Downloads: 291)

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