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DsHidMini - Windows 10 driver for the DualShock 3
Ahoi, fellow gamers! I have resurfaced, be very afraid!  Biggrin

Today I can finally present to you the release of the SCP-killer: DsHidMini

Quote:DsHidMini is a self-contained, low footprint and feature-rich user-mode driver for Microsoft Windows 10. It presents the controller as a configurable variety of fully standard-compliant HID devices to the system and all games built on common APIs like DirectInput, Raw Input and the low-level HID API. Optional XInput-emulation further increases the support in modern games built with only Xbox controllers in mind. The driver supports both wired connections by handling USB communication and wireless connections by building upon the BthPS3 driver suite. An optional .NET configuration tool is provided to alter driver behavior to fine-tune it to specific games or other use-cases.

Installation instructions and many many questions answered here!

Boring but comprehensive tutorial video on how to use with PCSX2!

How to get support if needed.

What's currently in development.

Enjoy!  Smile

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