Dumped bios not working with PCSX2 1.6 stable
Hi! Long time no see Smile

I have recently taken up PCSX2 again due to a friend of mine who claimed to have tested it recently with great success (compared to 2011). I gave it a shot with his bios (PAL, 70004, V12) from his PS2 slim and I have to say: It works really well.

Given I have my own PS2 (or 4 of them, but only one with working lazer) I decided to give it a go and dump my bios (PAL, 50004, V9) and I managed to do this successfully using both v1 and v2 of the dumper, but when I start up PCSX2 with my bios loaded (and "No Disc"), I only get a black screen and nothing is showing nor hearing. The FPS counter, EE % and UI % in the window title are all moving.

The PS2 I've dumped the bios from is a silver phat console with Matrix Infinity modchip installed, and the dump software was run from mc0 via uLaunchElf 4.42.

There are no error logs in console.

Is my BIOS done for? The PS2 works well in all other aspects (play from DVD, play from HDD etc.). Any help in this is greatly appreciated since I want to use my bios.


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I found the issue!!!

The Matrix Infinity chip apparently modded my bios somehow and made it unusable for PCSX2, so I bypassed the chip with FMCB. Here's how I did it:

  1. Start the PS2 with the modchip enabled and boot into uLaunchElf.
  2. Put the FreeMCBoot installation on a USB stick together with the bios dumping utility and insert it into the PS2.
  3. From uLaunchElf, boot the "FMCBInstaller.elf"-file
  4. In FMCB menu, choose to install on one of the memory cards (in my case the one in slot 2 since I start uLaunchElf from memcard in slot 1). I chose "Cross-Region".
  5. When the memcard installation is done, poweroff the PS2.
  6. Make sure that the memcard with the FMCB installation is present in slot 1
  7. Start the PS2 and during the startup hold the "Start"-button until a text shows on the TV saying "Disabled" (see attachment).
  8. Now, quickly press the power button in order to reset the PS2.
  9. The PS2 is now started with FMCB (see attachment). From the FMCB menu, launch uLaunchElf.
  10. Navigate to the bios dumping utility and start it
I had some issues during the dumping process with the v2 of the bios dumper not finding the USB stick (no matter from where I started the dumper) and managed to make it work with a cheap memorycard reader and a 4GB FAT-formatted SD-card.

I hope that this little tutorial may help others as well as it helped me.


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