Hello guys,

I am looking for a working EXP/LP Multiplier (x4) for FF XII IZJS

CRC is 0x1E7A88A7 and ELF is SLPM-66750 if thats needed

I was googlin' the whole day now but it just seems like i am too dumb to get it to work.

I tried these but they just dont have any effect ingame:

//Gain 4x EXP:

//Gain 4x LP:

I dont want to use the Savegame Editor for this game i just want a working code, also if this is the wrong section for it I am sorry, feel free to move it.

Thanks for your time.

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I do have a guide about that..
Don't know any code but you could try the memory editor which directly modifies the ps2 memory while the game is running:
I can adjust the value from my EXP/LP with that yes, but i want something that multiplies my EXP/LP by 4 and i dont know how to find out the adress to change the actual value of it.
So Saiki's guide didn't help?

What have you tried? What is written in the emulog?

1. Are cheats enabled in the gui?
2. Are cheats read by pcsx2?
3. What is the source of these cheats? Are you sure they are in Raw format?
Cheats are enabled in the gui yes.
PCSX2 seems to be also reading the cheats (it appears in the log)
I converted the raw codes with a converter i downloaded from here

Also found some codes here in this forum but as i said they just have no effect and it just does nothing

Codes from here: http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Cheats-Cr...plier-code
so you have two different sources? Do they end up in the same pnach files?

in the log is written "x cheats found"?

Edit: actually miseru was posting that this cheat were for the japanese version. Which one do you have?
Edit 2: Just have read that this one was only released for japan.

Are you actually sure that they don't work? Expx4 is maybe not that easy to detect. LPx4 would be easy but maybe one is working and the other one not?
Yes they are both not working, i turned off the cheats in the gui and it makes no difference.
I am not sure but I think you have to reload from a savestate to see the effect and not only use stop/resume and/or savestates.

But nevertheless the wolves/kaktors in the beginning give 1 LP. If they give 4 your cheat is working otherwise not.

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