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FF XII running fast and slow
My mainboard is a Foxconn 865.

Your tips seem to work, except the full screen. As soon as I hit Alt+Enter (the fullscreen command), it says in big red text 'Out of range'... Is this for my resolution is incompatible or something? 1280x720 is my standard resolution, but I configured the emulator for 640x480. Tried it on 800x600 as well, but doesn't work either.

Now my fps vary between 12 and 24, but I think the main problem are those messages I can't solve.. Anyone who does?

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I fixed the biggest speed problems now, but also encountered the worst part of the failure messages.

The 'invalid unpack type' message keeps coming back (the earlier one is gone). Is there nobody here who knows what causes this problem? And preferably, how to fix it?
Caused by ZeroGS. Use GSdx it should be faster and more compatible with nearly every game these days.
Although since your system is borderline with the minimum requirements, maybe ZeroGS will work better for you...
[Image: newsig.jpg]
out of range i think is a resolution problem from your monitor or refresh rate.. dun think it has anything to do with the emulator, cos when i use my crappy 15' monitor for certain pc games i'll get that error but when i plug my pc to my TV it runs beautifull

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