FFX-2 any way to get rid of blur?
(I'm using beta 1474)

Speed is great on this build, but the annoying blur effect in battles remain!

It gets worse if the camera chooses to change position in battle

Since I get 60-100 fps all the time, I wouldn't mind ticking some speed booster off to get rid of that blur... It really kills the graphics in battles, they look much worse than in FFX which comes without that stupid blur.

Any ideas?

edit: yes i'm using latest gsdx

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What blur? can you show any example? are you using the interlacing options? tried another plugin version?
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From GSdx are you using "Enable output merger blur effect" or as an Interlacing mode Blend tff/bff
Using a heavy pixel offset will remove the blur, but it'd be so big you're bound to get other problems..

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