FFX-2 flash me your newbz
Yeh I a noob don't hate me
Ive been playing FFx-2 pal version and its running at 50fps at all times the Fmvs are perfect except I gotta press f9 apart from that they work 100% speed wise there 100% always.. but when it gets to battles it just seems slow its saying its 50fps which should be normal for pal but I dunno it just seems like a few microseconds out of sync is it my system...

I got a i7-3770 @ 3.4Ghz 3.4Ghz (for whatever reason it says it twice so I posted it twice remember noob)
Win 8 64bit
16gb ram
Nvidia Geforce GT630 2gb

IM using Pcsx2 1.1.0.r5366 and gdsx 5209

now I realise my Video Card is pretty average at best but if I configured pcsx2 correctly could I get ffx-2 to run 100% seeing as though framerate is not a problem....

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There are 2 kinds of PAL games - those which were created with PAL system in mind from the start and those that are just awful crap ported to PAL just for money.

Guess which is the case in FF series;p... yeah it is the second case;]. And so PAL version is slower, everything without ws patch is double stretched(fat chars etc.) and so on. If it's your first time playing PAL version of that FF game(in a way you weren't used to it on the console) then it might be exactly what you're experiencing;3.

In case you're using speedhacks make note that both of the slider speedhacks can also slowdown the game opposite to rising fps counter, soo disable those if your problem is real and not made by port awfulness. I doubt you would need those hacks on that i7 to begin with;3.
Ah cool will work on getting a ntsc version offa a buddy I used to have it on my Pal ps2 just seems slower
Also I think its possible cause I just spent 50 hrs or so playing ffx again only I played the entire game with f4 pressed to save time
and now going back to normal speed sort of raped my mind..
Out of curiosity is my system decent enough to run games at 100% or will I require a better video card
I realise it will prob depend on the game but just like a ballpark yes or no
Overall I would say stick to at most 3x for games if that is slow then 2x
It is possible otherwise that even though it says 50 fps, that you put the Speedhacks too high or the wrong one, that would give false readings.

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