FFX black polygons
So last time I asked how to fix black polygons like on Tidus hair I was told that the problem would disappear if ran with DirectX 10.

Today I try to run the emulator on Windows 7 and DirectX10 Hardware and the black polygons are still there exactly as with DX9. This with beta 1888 and March plugin.

I know many run the game without any problems, so how to fix this?

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What problem exactly do you mean, could you show it with a screenshot?
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in a relatively new revision this problem got solved (at last! yeahh!!!). i think 2818 (if i'm not wrong, just take a look at google code).
so yeah, because of it's no official revision blabla... you won't get no support on (or in?!) this forum, but before this revision there was no way of fixin this disturbing bugs.

btw: wait for a few revisions (once again; take a look at google code for a propitious revision to compile) because of some new bugs which wouldn't let you even boot ffX

PS: sorry fo bad engrrish!Wink
This was fixed in revision 2818.
This is an image from someone else that shows the same problem.


Is there some place where to get binaries of latest versions? Because I really don't want to fill the HD with programs I don't use like Visual Studio only to compile this...
I also notice that after the initial sequence the graphic goes back to normal. So is this problem just happening there at the beginning or returns in the game later?

If it's just the introduction then I can live with it.
It's in certain places only. Pretty minor if you ask me
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I'd still try recent builds if possible. I guess there aren't nightly builds somewhere, or weekly or whatever?
No we don't provide any of that or give support for them
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I'm asking a friend to compile me a version. But how can I pick specifically the r2818 trunk source and not simply the most recent out there?

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