FFX running just a little slow
Ok, so I've found a way to configure PCSX2 to run FFX with perfect graphics, and perfect cut scenes. Sound and all. The only issue is during battle frame rate drops to about 35ish so everything is a little slow. Outside of battle frame rate holds a nice constant between 55 and 60ish providing smooth enough game play for me.

So, my system specs are as such;

Acer Aspire 5734z-4836 (link at bottom)

Pentium Dual Core T4500 @2.3Ghz
3GB DDR3 Ram
Intel GMA 4500M (graphics card, integrated, not the best)

My first question to start is how do I enable NLOOP hacks. I'm told these are important for FFX. I've looked everywhere for a download or a way to enable them but the way everyone says to do it, it does not show up. The 'Hacks' section in config is just empty. So if you could simply link a step by step that would be awesome.

My second question is, based on my system can you give me what you believe to be the best running specs (rather then me uploading what I have and making it complicated for the person who decides to help me.)

Lastly I've read around and ripped the game from my CD and made it an ISO. I'm told it helps the most with buffing/loading times, and it did a lot lol.

So, please help? lol (also I have the latest PCSX2 just fyi)



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If the speedhacks section is empty, you must have used a modified version of PCSX2, or you have eye problem and you do not see the "Enable speedhacks" checkbox.

When you manage to enable speedhacks, check all checkboxes except for the CDVD hack. Don't mess with EE and VU hack, as well as frame skipping.

I always ran my games from DVDs instead of ISOs and did not see any different. But recently I prefer the ISOs because I do not have to carry the discs along.
My first attempt at PCSX2 was the only time I played from a disc.
Everytime there was dialog, the game would freeze for a second or two loading.
Idecided to stick with ISOs from there.

I'm guess the missing "Hacks" section is the one in the Config -> Video (GS) -> Plugin Settings, right?
That is just a few hidden hacks that aren't too often necessary. Don't worry about them for now, but you can learn how to un-hide them in the configuration guide.
(BTW - Have you set it to Native internal resolution in the Video settings?)

If the Speedhacks tab in Config -> Emulation Settings is empty, make sure you get an official PCSX2 build from this site (in the Downloads section). When you have, enable some Speedhacks. Check those [Recommended], and resort to as little of the EE and/or VU cycle sliders as you can.
I don't think you need NLOOP Hack in the latest GSDX. I guess it automatically fixes that.

Also, change the power plan to high performance. It may need you to connect to the power supply. Better not run in batteries. Tongue2
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The NLOOP hack has been removed some years ago so wherever you read that, they are VERY outdated Tongue
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Some quick replies.

1. The speed hacks section under config are there, the VU and EE thing with the sliders, and 'don't mess with those' unfortunately is not an option lol I require them to both be maxed out. I'm told this is bad for compatibility but so far (with this game) no issues. If I don't use them the entire game runs slow.

2. The "Hacks" I was talking about was under the plugin configuration. and before anyone says anything it's not because of my render mode. No matter what I change it to nothing appears there.

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You haven't read the guide that's why. You can find there, under the hacks subsection how to enable them.
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I thought you refered to speedhacks, but you actually refered to GSDX hack.

The only GSDX hack needed for FFX is the skip draw hack, AFAIK. The NLOOP hack you mentioned above sounds very strange to me. I do not remember if the GSDX hack section has a hack with that name, so I thought you refered to speedhacks.
Thank you for that clarification. I skipped that part when reading it looking for other settings within the config outside of the plugins section. However the purpose of this post wasn't for that, it was to see if anyone had any good settings I could use for FFX. I've only found 2 or 3 settings that online and they don't quite measure up to the task. Perhaps my system just isn't good enough.
EE Cycle Rate: No (no speed gain using this)
VU Cycle Stealing: No (no speed gain using this)
MTVU: Enable (around 60% speedup)
All other speedhacks checkbox excluding CDVD hack: Enable (~20% speed boost)

Frame Skipping: No (causes graphics glitch if enabled)
GSDX Skip Draw hack: I do not remember exactly whether it is a checkbox or textfield. If it is a textfield, set it to 1. Otherwise check it. (fix the blur effect which is not noticeable on PS2 & TV but looks like crap on PCSX2)
Resolution: if you graphics card cannot withstand the Demi spell even at native res, use custom 720x720 resolution (thanks Retard for finding this).

Works like a charm on my crappy mobile Phenom II @ 2.0 Ghz.

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