FPS Problem why ?
ok in Version " pcsx2-r5875+ shaders and last plugin from version 1.4.0 SEE2 " everything is in order Stable FPS 50 in game Naruto Ultimate Ninja  Movie , but last version I mean pcsx2 1.4.0 +
EmuCR-pcsx2-20160403-x86 problem whit FPS in movie all game Bandai Naruto Why ??? same option all i dont understand... in version " pcsx2-r5875 " i have Stable FPS 50 But New Version only 45 FPS Slow... all same option... this will by fix ??? i have pc : AMD APU A8 3870 R7 250X 2GB 8 GB RAM DUAL 1866Mhz windows 10 pro pls fix this , i think is some problem whit new EE Scale Cycle. before i can use EE Cycle like ps2 standard mode but now  i need use some option bicause i have only 45 fps when i use some option movie is ok is 50 fps but sometime  when i use some skill naruto is problem whit sound but fps no go down Strange....
pcsx2-r5875 + shaders + fx"  in this version stable 50 fps +all skill normal sound. normal speed in movie , new pcsx2-20160403-x86 problem only 45 fps pls. fix.
i use GS plugin gsdx-sse2 it seems to me that something is wrong with the exe file because I use the same plug-in versions of both the old and the new and still new version has a problem with stability
whether it will support DX12? Maybe it would help

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ask emucr.
only them know what they changed in the source code
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yes ? ok sec i ask, emucr. is Main Site for PCSX2 ?
(04-05-2016, 07:20 AM)zerr10 Wrote: yes ? ok sec i ask, emucr. is Main Site for PCSX2 ?

http://pcsx2.net/ is the main site for PCSX2.+^_^+
People here tend to only support versions downloaded from here.
EmuCR may have broken something in the program that people here cannot fix.
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You are comparing a quite old build with a recent, development version.
Generally, emulators tend to get slower as they mature. Improving compatibility does that.
You could try a recent GSdx with the old PCSX2.exe. That might help with your speed and you still get the latest fixes for visuals.

Download development builds from Orphis' build bot in the future:
THX FOR HELP FOR ALL THX i from Poland well i sux write ... i real sorry for me eng.
My observations following Something bad is happening with the file "EXE" and the code in the Latest Versions Such As "1.4.0" and in the last Kopilacji "Pcsx2-v1.5.0-dev-552-g0ab7b63-windows-x86" However, in the version of "PCSX2 -r5875 (1.2.1) + newest Plugin GSdx32SSE2.dll "FPS are higher in the Games with Bandai" Constant 50 FPS "but the latest scenes emulator FPS is even smaller for - 5 FPS
version "" Pcsx2-r5875 (1.2.1) + newest Plugin "You can even run Spyro Enter The Dragonfly but at the last version" Pcsx2-v1.5.0-dev-552-g0ab7b63-windows-x86 "Again in this game is Black Image Sad
whether it be corrected? version in the future? 5 FPS is a lot less Sad

Now I use a version of PCSX2-r5875 (1.2.1) + newest Plugin if you can please, Amend it because I do not know if other games will go with as the old version of the PCSX2-r5875 (1.2.1) in addition lacks a few options.

and it is not fault free computer just something changed in the code exe. I hope that developery will notice and improve Smile

if you need it can not even take a screenshot of the FPS that is the difference in versions

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and another question is whether the game works depends on whether the plug GS version emulator?
because if I have more FPS in the older version I prefer to use it but the other games that instance did not work will work as it will add the latest plug GS?
It's a bit complicated to understand.

Please screenshot all tabpages of emulation settings and gsdx plugin settings and post the full emulog (console) after you observed both problems.

You can always use older gsdx versions. The newer ones are even compatible with most recent pcsx2 version and vice versa. When you don't observe any problems in older versions there is normally no need to upgrade.
Add First Photo of Old Version Emulator (PCSX2-r5875), along with the latest plug GSDX

PCSX2-r5875 + latest plug GSDX :

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