Fatal Frame 2 crashes when loading game
I had been playing Fatal Frame 2 via PCSX2 0.9.7 for a couple hours, I decided to save it and come play later. Problem is, the game won't load the save. It crashes everytime. I can start a new game and play through it just fine, I can save it just fine. But loading just causes it to crash. I upgraded to 0.9.8 recently, and the same thing happens. I looked through the forum and the wiki for compatability problems with FF2, and I've found nothing. So, might anyone have an idea as to what's happening in my case? Thanks ^_^

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You save normally on memory card or using savestates? Possibly your memory card is corrupted you could try creating new 8mb one and formatting through ps2 bios first - some games have problems with bigger memcards. You could just use savestates, but if you're changing your pcsx2 version often, it's a possibility they'll not work among different versions, soo stick to using oneTongue.
Memory Card, exclusively (I try to maintain the original feel of the game as much as possible; as I cheat too much using savestates ha). I use that same memory card file for tons of games, and they all work perfectly. I've only ever changed PCSX2 once, and didn't have a very hard transition. I'll try making a new memory card and formatting it via the BIOS and replay FF2 and hopefully that will fix the problem, though that'll be a pain to transfer all my other savegames on that memory card to the new one.

Thanks for the reply, crossin my fingers it works out. I love Fatal Frame.
I can safely say that Fatal Frame 2 runs flawlessly on PCSX2 0.9.8 (on Chapter 6 atm with memory card saves only), and my laptop is pretty basic in specs.
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Then the only thing I can think of is that I just got really unlucky at that exact moment, and when I saved, it messed up and corrupted the file. Dang. I'll just start over, and see what happens.

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