Feature for attaching your video card direct to the Video plugin.
A very descriptive suggestion. I am wanting to know if there is a way to attach your Graphics card directly to the PCSX2 in order to take full advantage of its processing time. Questions and answers are very welcome.


Acer Aspire V3 with Windows 8
4GB DDR3 Memory
Intel ® Pentium ® CPU B960 2.2GHz processor
Intel ® HD Graphics card
Dolby Digital Home Theater Audio

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PCSX2 will not fit into laptop case(;p), to begin with "graphic card" couldn't fit into your laptop either, it's a low end model without dedicated gpu.

OK, seriously trying to understand what you wrote/expect is probably beyond my ability, but if you mean using gpu/igp to process/render stuff, pcsx2 does it by default. Basically GSdx has two modes, hardware - which does all of that, and software which totally abuses cpu and uses gpu only to display stuff.

PCSX2 already uses as much of a modern pc as possible. You might not feel like it cause your laptop is weak;p, it's build for office stuff, browsing web at most not for games. Weird ideas will not change the fact that ps2 differs alot from pc, hence it's emulation is demanding. ;o

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