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Final Fantasy XII crashes when I try to use a patch
a quick note: 0 1 and 2 are normal for unencrypted codes as the first digit for the code

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(06-27-2010, 04:53 AM)Saiki Wrote: a quick note: 0 1 and 2 are normal for unencrypted codes as the first digit for the code

at codebreaker they mean byte, short and word respectively in the operand... still it does not mean them being in raw format, case where decoding is needed yet (just make sure version 7+ decrypting is not active).

PS: maybe it needs more clarification. If you decode a codebreaker 7+ you get raw code with that prefix and it's ready to use (change the digit to 0 and place one these "byte", "short" or "word" in the pnach. It's important because overwriting a byte field with either short or word leads to errors, second because the prefix 1 is used for hardware control and will crash the emulator, 2 sometimes works but actually is not meaningful, so just stick with 0).

But the above is not valid for codes from codebreaker previous versions (until 6) and so it still need decrypting to get the raw code (although the prefix will stay the remaining code will change).

PS2: I'm not sure about the accuracy of what I'll say now, at least to the extent it's correct: Using the token "extended" tells the cheat system to use the standard, what include some those extraneous prefixes with special meaning. It mean the internal engine will know the kind of operand is expected (so in this case that 0, 1, 2 is meaningful and should not be changed)... besides it can emulate some special functions from the others digits.

For me, better staying in the secure side, explicitly stating the correct (raw) address and operand type and value, whenever it's possible.
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