Forcing games to run at 60 fps
I found a way to make (some) games run at unsupported framerates.

If you ever went to any AR/Codebreaker/Etc. cheat codes database webpage like or you might’ve stumbled upon some special codes called “Speed Modifiers”. This codes alter the games' internal timers to make them slower or faster.
We can use these codes to our advantage to slow down specific games, and then speed up the emulator’s internal framerate, obtaining the double (or triple…) amount of frames rendered per second, thus obtaining 60fps (if the game runs at 30 RFPS), 120fps (if the game runs at 60RFPS), etc.

NOTE: This also speeds up the loading screens.

Here’s what you should do to achieve (for example) 50fps in Forbidden Siren 2 [SCES 53851] (E):

  • Copy the “Slow Motion” and “Normal Speed” codes. Take note of the buttons you have to press in your gamepad
[Image: KVzLvp0.jpg]
  • Make a pnach cheat file for PCSX2 (use the cheat converter if necessary)
[Image: QaHppM3.jpg]
  • Open the PCSX2 settings and adjust the “Turbo Limit” to 200% (you can put it on the base framerate too, but it’s not too practical if you want to switch speeds during gameplay)
[Image: qSO96s3.jpg]
  • Go to the SPU2-X settings and change the “Synchronizing Mode” to “Async Mix”. Otherwise the audio will sound distorted (NOTE: Expect some audio overlapping from time to time).
[Image: xGyuQb6.jpg]
  • The speed code for this game only affects the gameplay, so changing the speed during cutscenes will only play them faster (at 30 fps)
[Image: 1bRRi30.jpg]

  • Once you’re playing, you can press R3+Down (as indicated in the description of the cheat code), turn on the turbo function (by pressing the TAB key), and enjoy the game at 50fps instead of 25.
[it shows 100vfps in the image]

[Image: Wi09YIi.jpg]
Excl Remember to disable the turbo function everytime a cutscene is playing

Here’s a list of games that I already tested:
Clock Tower 3 [SLES-51619] (afair you can run it at +90fps]
Manhunt 2
[SLUS-21613 (60fps) & SLES-54819 (50fps)]
Marc Ecko's Getting Up - Contents Under Pressure [SLES-53459]
Medal of Honor - Frontline [SLUS-20368 (60fps) & SLES-50846 (50fps)]
Metal Arms - Glitch in the System [SLES-51758]
Silent Hill 2 - Director's Cut
Silent Hill: Origins [SLES-55147]
Forbidden Siren 2 [SCES-53851]
The Getaway - Black Monday [SCES-52758]
I you want codes, here’s where you should start searching:
And here are some gameplay videos:

[I recorded the Siren 2 gameplay footage before knowing that it was better to set the sound synchronization to “Async Mix”, so the audio sounds distorted]

NOTE: Keep in mind that more frames per second means more PC requirements.

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Nobody is interested in this? :/
The thing is,this is not something new and no speed modifier codes don't exist only for PAL games
(06-04-2016, 04:09 PM)vsub Wrote: The thing is,this is not something new and no speed modifier codes don't exist only for PAL games

Yeah, I kind off already knew this wouldn't be something new, but I never saw people doing this trick either (neither on youtube videos or on forum posts).
Is there any thread that talks about this?
I don't think least I haven't seen such thread.
(06-04-2016, 04:24 PM)vsub Wrote: I don't think least I haven't seen such thread.

So... do people actually know this? (no the concept of speed modifiers, but the trick)

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