How Do i FrameSkip?
I Changed every value in the Frameskipping tab :
from Base Frame= 1000

but the game Still lags

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Settings Base Frame to 1000 means that the full speed for PAL games is 50000fps and for NTSC 60000fps(which means that the frame limiter becomes useless)
Settings Slow Motion to 1000 means that is the speed is less than 5000fps for PAL games and 6000 for NTSC games,pcsx2 will start skipping frames
Settings Turbo to 1000 means,when enable it,the game wont go faster that 5000fps for PAL games and 6000fps for NTSC games even if you can.

The way it is by default means that if the game speed is below 33% then pcsx2 will start skipping frames if you enable frame skipping.
And btw,to enable frame skipping either enable it from there or press Shift+F4

Those are not frameskip settings, those are the framelimit ones and you basically set it to not limit speed.

Hee's an explanation on how the framelimit options work, and you enable frameskip while ingame with shift+f4.

If you have problem with speed post your PC specs and PCSX2/plugin settings and game you're trying to run so we can help better.
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