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From 50 to 15 FPS
Oh thank you. You are all so kind and clear!! I still have my ps2 but i cannot enjoy it on LCD-LED displays... and i actually don't have space for a crt. Than, notebook or deskotp doesn't matter right?

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Though, it's always advisable to get a desktop if you're doing heavy cpu related stuffs like emulation. Since, mostly a cheaper desktop can play better than a higher cost laptop.
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Thank you so much Smile Good, i have some more time to enjoy PSX old glories, my notetbook can at least handle a good epsx emulation at full FPS Smile
(04-18-2015, 07:47 PM)gabri85ct Wrote: Hi i'm Gabriel. I have a notebook with these specs:

CPU: Intel Pentium P6100 Dual core (2 GHz)
GPU: Ati mobility radeon 1GB
Ram: 4 GB

I use the last version of PCSX2 and DX11.

I tried a couple of games like Crash Bandicoot The Wrath of Cortex, The Mummy.

The games run at 50 FPS for the first minutes, than there is a slow down to 45, 39, 24, 19, 15 FPS, than they became unplayable. I set the energy configuration to High performance.

Maybe my notebook is too weak, but if so, i don't understand why i can play at 50 FPS for a while...

Any idea??

I think that's barely better than my laptop? All I can suggest is get a new desktop/laptop or play it on your PS2.
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