Front Mission 5 - Odd graphical issues
Using the most recent SVN build ( of PCSX2 I've managed to get the game running sort of OK, the cut-scenes are largely fine (some artifacts under the text but nothing that effects legibility), the game maps look fine, but there is still a large amount of distortion in the "combat scenes". Im currently using GSdx SSE41, DX11 Hardware, No Interlacing, 3x Native. Texture Filtering, Allow 8 Bit Textures and Enable HW Hacks are all turned on, AA is at 4X (cranking it up to 16X has no effect on performance or visuals, though it kills framerate if you try and record with FRAPS) and Skipdraw set to 2.

Quote:[Image: pcsx2r51452012040910355.png]
[Image: pcsx2r51452012040910362.png]

Using the software renderer gets rid of any visual irregularities, but looks fairly rough

Quote:[Image: pcsx2r51452012040910561.png]
[Image: pcsx2r51452012040910562.png]

Has anyone got this working properly?

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The disortion is caused by shadows probably(as always), I once tried to fix it by crc hackfix and ended with something like this:
    if(fi.TME && fi.FBP == 0x02e00 &&  fi.TPSM == PSM_PSMCT32/*fixes shadows but breakes the movies*/ && fi.TPSM != PSM_PSMZ16)
            skip = 2;
            //if set on 2, looks fine in-game, but brakes the movies,
            //on 3, briefing screens can miss text like "Virtual Map Overview" and under briefing menu there will be visible last fullscreen animation frame(not decreasing useability of the menu itself)

I remember to be able to make the in-game pretty much perfect fixing shadows with that, but couldn't really find a way to make it working fully without breaking other things which are OK normally, soo I pretty much gave up trying and saved the above just in my notes(not 100% sure if that's all of that crc hackfix through, couse I left a mess mixing few games there and I'm still easter-lazy to check the game).

Feel free to use that as a base or anything if anyone dares to touch this problem, my ideas for fixing it pretty much depleted with the above or maybe I just was lazy couse I played this game too many times and it's boring.

Considering our late yet very successfull findings about widescreen patching on this forum, maybe there could be other way to fix it, but that's not for me, finished all of my interest for this game with the widescreen patch for it already.;P
Bah, Hopefully this game will be perfectly emulatable someday!
If You have decent CPU You can always try running game in software mode = no graphical glitches

I'm using - PCSX + GSDX10 (DX11 Software) (SVN)
- edge
- shader boost
- 4 extra rendering threds
- 1280x1024 resolution (old 19' LCD)

Runs FM5 at constant 60 fps
(CPU = i5 2500k at 4.0 Ghz)

Well You can't change texture resolution (it is not possible in software mode) also edge is not so great as MSAA x4 (higher MSAA is useless IMO).
the Thread is a 4 months old do you think he will need support after all that long !
You're too late wolfi...

But don't worry, maybe later this will help new users...
(08-01-2012, 04:56 AM)abdo123 Wrote: the Thread is a 4 months old do you think he will need support after all that long !

He might, 4 months is not that long. Please don't discourage people from trying to help others, even if they are a little late.
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