Future anti-aliasing implementation?
Back in the early days of the 1.5.0 dev builds, MSAA was an option in the graphics settings.  It did what it was supposed to, but it was eventually removed because "it caused graphical errors, plus it was a poor implementation" and it got in the way of development.  That being said, are there any plans to re-implement anti-aliasing?  Sure, there's the FXAA shader, but that's all there is.  Increasing the internal resolution isn't a real replacement since some games experience massive slowdowns when the internal resolution is rasied too high.  PCSX2 is one of the only emulators I'm aware of that doesn't have a real anti-aliasing option.  MSAA, SSAA, and TAA would be nice in my opinion.

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I don't have any plans to implement any alternative AA implementations at this time. MSAA might be possible but slower than the previous implementation and would be a PITA to do. Also increasing the game's internal resolution to that beyond your monitor/window resolution (super-sampling) is exactly what SSAA (super sampled AA) is so I'm not sure why you bemoaned it just to suggest it in the next sentence.
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