GSdx Shaders Screenshot Comparison!
Hey there PCSX2 members, Biggrin

I have been lurking for a while and upon witnessing several posts wanting a screenshot comparison of mostly all the shaders out there. With a few of my hours lost, I proceeded to do so for the curious ones out there. Smile

Here's hoping the thread abides the rules and breaks none of them in the long-run, my intention is to serve only those who want to see what effects each shader produces .. Unsure

But first, my settings are as follows: Happy

Win7 64-Bit
Intel's G2020
GTX 650 Ti
8GB DDR3 1333 MHz

Rev version: 5882
Settings Preset: 2
GSdx Plugin Settings:
-> Direct3D 11
-> Interlacing Auto
-> 2x Native Scaling
-> Full Box Texture Filtering

Shaders I've Tested:
[Image: nwUWOvI.jpg] [Image: cyV3J4G.jpg]

Tested Game: Shining Force EXA

[Image: 4xGLSLHQFilterSmartShaderOFF_zps46b7b72a.png]

The Photobucket Link for the rest:

[SHADERS] PCSX2 - Shining Force EXA
Note: When you click an image the displayed version will have a title with the name of the shader used.

I hope this was useful, with enough demand I might make a similar folder for sprite-based games. (I was thinking of Soul Nomad and the World Eaters as a test subject).

P.S. Sorry for the Photobucket Link, I didn't want to overflow the thread with multiple images.

P.P.S. I'm also open to suggestions, thank you Biggrin

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Nice work, guess I just take a look at PCSX2Fx (ToTA Config) because those settings look really good imo. Thanks!
Nice ^.^ I would quite like a post-processing screenshots thread to kick off to be honest.

The few of mine that are demonstrated are quite old, and were more tests/experiments, rather than releases though. You may get better results using this. While bearing in mind, that I provide effects, and options to specifically customise them to each person's preferences. Rather than just leaving them on defaults for everything.

The default settings are small perceptually neutral ones. They should look fine for 3D games, but not so much for 2D/sprite oriented ones. Which other settings would be better suited, in my opinion.
Gee, I've completly forgotten about this thread, so sorry about that.

Thanks for support Smile

Oh, and thanks Asmodean for the attachment Smile I checked my PCSX2 folder and I already had it though.

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