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Is ps3 controller compatible with pcsx2 and pc games by connection between the controller and pc usb port ? Any recommendation with controller  for pcsx2 and pc games ?

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I love this one
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you midst also try logitech cordless rumblepad 2
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I am using GameSir works with any emulator,pc games that require dinput\xinput and it also work on my android phone
It have turbo feature for the buttons(you can control the turbo speed),have vibrations(you can control how strong the virbration is)and it can work in wired and wirelss mode
I am currently using this gamepad. Blink Any more recommendations ? How abput PS3 gamepad ?
My DS3 works perfectly fine with PCSX2 via SCPToolkit.
The biggest difference and advantage of using a DS3\DS4, besides possibly saving some money if you already have one from owning the console, is that using SCPtoolkit or fireshock you can get pressure sensitive buttons working.

Are these important.... depends highly on the games you want to play. Metal Gear 2\3 greatly benefit from pressure sensitive buttons, but there are ways to work around not having it. Various other games also do use them, but they are more the exception then the rule. (Though some of those exceptions are exceptional games.)

Also I happen to love my 8bitdo Nes30pro controller for emulation, but that is mainly because it fits my 8bit\16bit\portable collections nicer then my DS3 I generally use for PCSX2 or my other controllers based on sony's design. I also use an xbox360 controller for dreamcast games since it tends to fit those better (I don't have a DC to PC adapter). Nothing fits N64 quite right though (well besides a N64 controller\clone).
(01-27-2018, 10:09 AM)jesalvein Wrote: I love this one

I keep wanting to get this, but it still being 49.99 after all this years, strange consider all the nightmares i keep hearing about driver issues.

I still use my Logitech Cordless rumble pad 2, that i been meaning to replace with the F710 cause the 2 analog thumb buttons  were not register right, but after all these years of that happening the 2 analog thumb buttons are actual register correct now, i dont have to  really push  hard on the buttons or  hit 2~3 times before it registers.

One day if i find f710 on sale for like 20$ i will buy it,  would loved if logitech just made update version of it .
I'm tempted to buy an Xbox controller for my laptop. I wish there weren't so many hoops to jump through for using a DS4 on a Windows OS. They aren't compatible with game-streaming from another PC.
Particularly on Win10 but I think also on 8.1 and 7, Xbox One controllers are damn near flawless. Plug it in, give Windows 12 seconds to PnP it, and you're pretty much set. Bindings are also 1:1 with a PS2 controller out of the box in Lilypad.

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