Game So Slow
guys, im playing wwe all stars on pc
but its so slow..

my pc:
intel e6850
32 bit windows 7
hd 3870 (512mb)
ram 4gb
psu 550w
mobo intel

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Use any or all Speedhacks?

Tried lowering the resolution? (.i.e. native)

Switch to software rendering? (toggle with F9 during emulation)

I'm guessing "no", but can you overclock (CPU) at all?
my screen resolution is 4:3

btw~ here is the ingame pic, is my fps low?? >>

EDIT: i just pressed the F9 button now and the game crashes, the whole program crashes.. how do i revert it back?
No worries, that is only a temporary switch. It will be back as it was (hardware rendering) if you open PCSX2 and try emulating again.

You can change that manually, as well as the internal resolution, in the GSdx settings.

From PCSX2's main window, go to Config -> Video (GS) -> Plugin Settings.... It will look like this:

[Image: unledwmy.png]

Put a check in the "native" box. There's a small chance this may show improvements, but a chance.

Also, check for the Speedhacks settings under Config -> Emulation Setting. There's a section labeled "Speedhacks". Go ahead and enable them.
Your screen shot shows a high EE %, meaning it's pushing your CPU as hard as it can... so if speed hacks haven't helped, then unfortunately there is nothing you could do besides overclocking your processor.

The WWE games all seem to push PCSX2 pretty hard CPU wise... I would never have guessed that WWE games would be all that popular, but we seem to see a thread like this every other day Wink
[Image: 2748844.png]
Well, it is one of few newly released PS2 games. Wink

ok, i have enabled the speed hack and checked the native, now there is some improvement.. from 45 to 52
btw~ are you using dx10? coz in my settings its dx9, the pic u posted is not the same in mine.

[Image: e45g675464jh563456.png]
His menu at the bottom is extended because he has hacks enabled, nothing that would be of any use to your situation.

He's using DX11 per his picture, the 3870 supports at most DX10.
[Image: 2748844.png]
oh, i was using dx9 in those pics i posted..

what maximum fps can u get in pcsx2?

now i used dx10,, from 45 to 52 to 58-60 fps, i think im good with this one, hehehe......

[Image: 34gb567jn68jmy7kimu8ok9ot7io.png]

thanks for your help guys!
Yes, I'm using DX11 (it's just like 10, basically). Doesn't your HD 3870 support DX10? It should generally be better. Try using it. Smile

I wasn't intending it to be a flat-out example of how to set yours, just showing you what it looked like, ya know?
(Also, the hacks on the bottom are something you can enable in the gsdx.ini)

You can also now increase the EE Cyclerate and/or VU Cycle Stealing Speedhacks. These can give better performance, but can also cause problems. How much of which one (or both) will be too much will vary between games (some will benefit greatly, others may break quickly). Try and see what works best for you, and see what's "too much" (if new problems occur). I'd suggest starting with the EE Cyclerate for this one.

BTW - Be sure and read the stickies. Much of this is covered. Wink

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