Game specific settings

In dolphin, there are pre-configured per-game settings, so that almost every game runs out of the box without having to look for specific settings to get games running. 

I haven't ripped all of my games yet, just a few but i noticed that Rule of Rose for example needs the "play fmv with software renderer" hack enabled in order to play videos. It be great if such known problems could be addressed in a game-config file (like in dolphin, [game-id] followed by specific settings) without the need of a frontend like pcsxbonus that creates ini files per game. 

This would imho highly increase PCSX2's usability as new users are likely to struggle setting up their games and getting them to run without asking for help / specific needed settings, though the knowledge what settings / hacks are needed to get a game running are already there. 
It'd also improve usabilty for people that want to launch PCSX2 via command line or other launchers then pcsxbonus.

Is there already such a feature and am i'm missing something? If not, what do you think?

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I asked the same question a while back Smile

There is a solution! Your answer:
So what Mooglux sugegsted is inbuilt into pcsx2. Its called gameindex.dbf and is applied if you allow automatic gamefixes. The sw renderer hack is not part of the gamedb as it was considered more or less as a dirty hack and fmv's should rather be emulated correctly than shadowed by hacks. (that's not my opinion but I think putting this one hack manually is not a big problem)

If you really want to have specific settings as lilypad/gsdx settings you need to use a frontend. pcsx2 has no profile manager.
Yeah exactly, willkuer! Smile
I've set up both dolphin and pcsx2 for my new living room - emu/gaming rig and i noticed that dolphin loads a lot of gamespecific settings for it's games and all the games i have work more or less flawlessly out of the box.

Haven't tried all my games on pcsx2 but from the 6 games i've already ripped dog's life crashes with the default settings, rule of rose needs sw rendering (which i might leave on per default as there seems to be no noticable performance impact) and baldurs gate dark alliance required a lot of tweaking to be playable performancewise on my old PC, have yet to try on my new PC though.

Good to know there's already a file for that.

@bankai: Thx for the link, i've already stumbled upon your post and considered using pcsxbonus as "pcsx2 launcher" but the drawback here is still that i have to know all those settings or tweak it manually, but i'll have a look at it, especially if it's the only way to get my games working properly right out of my frontend. I'm using launchbox btw.

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