Games Pal 50Hz vs NTSC 60Hz
Hello folks,

Is there a difference in fluidity playing a Pal and an NTSC game? I think so, but you never know 100%.

If there really is a difference, can you solve it without causing problems? I know Spanish better, so I would rather play the Pal games.

If you're bad at understanding me, it's because I'm using the google translator.

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PAL games are running at 25fps internal speed and 50fps refresh rate
NTSC games run at 30fps internal speed and 60fps refresh rate

NTSC feel little bit smoother and maybe faster
Try a pc game that allow you to play at 60fps and if you are on nvidia,go to the control panel=>manage 3d settings=>in settings look for "Max Frame rate" and set it to 25 and 30fps and check the difference between those two speeds

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